Kevin Can F**k Himself Streaming: How To Watch The New Show With Schitt's Creek Star Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy on Kevin Can F**k Himself

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After winning an Emmy for her role as Alexis Rose on the hit series Schitt’s Creek, Annie Murphy is moving on to something just a little different (but similarly censored): a dark deconstruction of TV comedy tropes from the point of view of the “average” sitcom wife. From creator Valerie Armstrong, Kevin Can Fk Himself follows Allison (Murphy), who becomes fed up with her washed-up, man-child husband (Eric Petersen in the title role) and begins to see things from a new, bleak reality devoid of non-existent fourth walls and laugh tracks. If this sounds like the inventive dramedy you have been dreaming of, allow us to guide you in the right direction of where to find Kevin Can Fk Himself streaming, starting with the answer to that very question.

Annie Murphy and Eric Petersen on Kevin Can F**k Himself

Where Is Kevin Can F**k Himself Available Streaming?

With a title as risqué as Kevin Can F**k Himself, you might be hard-pressed to find such a show on network television, which is actually where the very examples of formulaic TV comedies the dark satire targets are often found. That being said, AMC, a cable channel already well known for its grim, boundary-pushing stories like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, is the perfect home for the dramedy and subscribers of its premium streaming platform AMC+ can catch each episode so far at their own pace. The series, whose first season is eight episodes, is also available on streaming services that offer a live TV option, such as fuboTV, Philo, or Sling.

Stream Kevin Can F--k Himself on AMC+.

Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden on Kevin Can F**k Himself

Will Kevin Can F**k Himself Be On Netflix?

In addition to the aforementioned platform’s that offer AMC through their live TV services, AMC+ is the official streaming home of Kevin Can Fk Himself, which is not available on Netflix. However, the streaming giant has been (and remains) a second home to several AMC originals, including dystopian thrillers The Walking Dead streaming and Into the Badlands or Breaking Bad and its prequel spin-off Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk. So, while there is no word on if or when you can find Kevin Can Fk Himself on Netflix at the moment, never say never.

The Kevin Can F**k Himself cast

Whenever You Finish Streaming Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 1…

Kevin Can Fk Himself Season 1 leaves the 2021 summer TV schedule August 1 and, by then, we project you will still want more shots at sitcom logic, more irreverent storytelling, and more Annie Murphy. Well, you could check out some articles about what else the Schitt’s Creek cast is up to and what Erinn Hayes (infamously killed off of CBS’s Kevin Can Wait) thinks of the show, courtesy of CinemaBlend. You could also go back into binging mode by streaming Schitt’s Creek on Netflix to revisit Murphy’s years as Alexis Rose, find more sitcom deconstruction disguised as a Marvel movies spin-off (or vice versa) by streaming WandaVision on Disney+, or jump to Hulu and check out fellow bizarre AMC dramedy Lodge 49, featuring Kevin Can Fk Himself creator Valerie Armstrong on the writing staff.

Stream Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

Stream WandaVision on Disney+.

Stream Lodge 49 on Hulu.

Fans of Annie Murphy can also see her on Russian Doll Season 2 when the Groundhog Day-esque drama returns to Netflix. Until then, from Kevin Can F**k Himself and Schitt’s Creek, there is still plenty more to see from the Canadian actress.

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