The Boys' Jensen Ackles Posts A+ Supernatural Callback While Filming Season 3

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It doesn't take a lab-created genius to understand that TV viewers are going through the biggest Jensen Ackles drought we've faced in 16 years, and the end is only vaguely in sight. He's currently filming Amazon's twisted superhero saga The Boys with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, so at least we know he'll be popping up in an R-rated fashion at some point in 2022. Presumably because he felt the fandom's pangs for his presence, Ackles took to Instagram to share a mood post that also serves as a perfecto callback to one of Supernatural's most hilarious moments.

While rocking what appears to be a brand new hat promoting Season 3 of the Emmy-nominated The Boys - a hat I definitely need in my life despite never wearing them - Jensen Ackles silently nods along and walks past as a familiar tune plays. Check the video out below!

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The song playing is, of course, Survivor's monster hit "Eye of the Tiger," which gained international fame as the theme from Sylvester Stallone's Rocky III. And while it's countless times across the pop culture-scape, the song definitely holds a special place in the ears and hearts of Supernatural fans. The Season 4 episode "Yellow Fever" featured a scene in which Jared Padalecki's Sam found Ackles' Dean listening to the track in the show's signature Impala. More famously, however, the episode ends on Ackles' bonkers outtake in which he lip syncs the shit out of "Eye of the Tiger" while also showing off his air-drumming and car-climbing skills.

Now, we can obviously already assume that Jensen Ackles used the song in the video as both a cheeky Supernatural nod and as a way to indicate he's hyped for The Boys Season 3. But considering Eric Kripke was still showrunner on Supernatural when the above outtake happened, and considering Erin Moriarty's Starlight delivered a whopper of a musical performance in Season 2 of The Boys, dare we hope that Ackles' "Eye of the Tiger" video means his new Soldier Boy character will get some form of music-oriented sequence?

Well, I'm daring to make those hopes real, because that would be amazing. The Boys TV series is putting a twist on the comic book version of Soldier Boy, so he could very well have a background in the vocal arts. Or at least the lip-sync arts. Maybe he was one of the first to perform original pro-Supes music, or maybe he was part of a benefit-esque song like "We Are the World" or something. I guess it's silly to hypothesize about something that only exists in my head, but such is the star power of Jensen Ackles.

Check out that unforgettable "Eye of the Tiger" rendition from Supernatural.

I can't advise anyone watch that over and over again repeatedly until The Boys Season 3 gets here, but I won't judge anyone who does. The Amazon Prime series is giving fans a monthly oasis during the between-season hiatus in the form of faux news updates, so maybe we'll get to see Soldier Boy's harmonious debut in those videos. While waiting, be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV schedule to see all the new shows debuting in the coming months.

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