Jensen Ackles Looks Like A Bit Of A Madman While Up Late Filming The Boys Season 3

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Jensen Ackles may be best known for his 15 seasons playing Dean Winchester on Supernatural at this point, but he's hard at work on his next project. Ackles reunited with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to tackle the highly-anticipated role of Soldier Boy for Season 3 of The Boys. Although the Amazon series and the people making it have kept a pretty tight lid on any plot spoilers, bits and pieces of what to expect have emerged. Now Ackles has shared a look at the aftermath of a day of shooting late, and he looks a bit like a madman.

The actor took to Instagram to show off a look at what it was like filming into the wee hours of the morning on a show where he definitely will be playing a character unlike any he has tackled before. Check it out!

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Oddly enough, despite the madman-esque expression on Jensen Ackles' face in both images that he posted, he actually looks more like he did in his Dean Winchester days than he has in some other shots of him in Soldier Boy mode that have hit the web since he began filming. The beard is certainly shorter, and even the hair color leaves me wondering if fans will see Soldier Boy with a couple of different looks in Season 3! And really, who hasn't made a face like that when there's a lot on their plate to deal with? Grimace away, Jensen Ackles!

The Boys hasn't released any official footage for The Boys Season 3 (or much of anything at all) at this point that paints a picture of what Soldier Boy will bring to the show, but the show's official Instagram account chimed in with a comment on Jensen Ackles' post, and it used some Tool lyrics to make a point:

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Those are lyrics from the Tool song called "Eulogy," and I can't help but suspect that there's a deeper meaning to those particular words than "Eulogy" simply being the song that came to the mind of the person running The Boys' social media accounts. Antony Starr, who of course plays Homelander on The Boys and recently made an intriguing reveal about Season 3, chimed in with an Instagram comment of his own.

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Is Antony Starr simply acknowledging that Jensen Ackles explicitly mentioned Tool with his comment? Or is Starr channeling his inner Homelander and calling Ackles a tool, and the fire emojis were just to spice things up a bit? There should be an interesting dynamic between Homelander and Soldier Boy no matter what. Even though fans haven't gotten to see Soldier Boy in action just yet and only got some teases about the character in Season 2, it's probably safe to say that fans shouldn't set too firm of expectations. This is The Boys, after all!

In a twist that's especially heartwarming on the Supernatural front in light of some of the drama between the stars recently, Jensen Ackles' former CW costar Jared Padalecki hit Instagram with a comment of his own as well:

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Jared Padalecki was pretty clearly kidding in his comment on Jensen Ackles' post, which is nice to see after some previous Twitter activity didn't paint them in the best light. And hey, maybe it's a sign that that their friendship is just fine, and buried in all the developments after Padalecki was reportedly blindsided by news of the Supernatural spinoff that Ackles is currently developing.

For now, you can look forward to The Boys shedding more light on Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy when it finally releases Season 3 on Amazon, and check out our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule for some upcoming viewing options!

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