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The WandaVision Spinoff Kat Dennings Said She’d Love (And Now I Kinda Need It)

Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis in WandaVision.

While What If…? is the current Marvel and Disney+ show releasing new episodes, some fans still can’t get enough of the show that started it all on the Disney streamer: WandaVision. When WandaVision dropped on Disney+ earlier this year, fans could not stop talking about two characters from previous Marvel films that finally had their time to shine: Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis and Randall Park’s Agent Woo. Even though WandaVision was a limited series, could it still be possible to see those two again? Dennings shares her thoughts.

Kat Dennings is known in the MCU as Darcy Lewis from the first two Thor movies. Fans were ecstatic when she came back in WandaVision and was a prominent character. In an interview with PopCulture, Dennings talked about Marvel and when a spinoff featuring her fan-favorite character came up, as well as Randall Park’s Ant-Man character, the actress weighed in:

It’s always up to the powers that be. I think they took notice of all the comments. I would do it in a heartbeat!

Perhaps one of the best parts about WandaVision was when Darcy and Jimmy got together to try to figure out what was going on. Since the two of them appeared in separate MCU movies, this was the first time they shared the screen in a Marvel project and it was instant chemistry. The banter between them and the quick bond they formed made fans want a spinoff or at least something to get more of them. And since WandaVision seems to be staying with just one season, it’s still possible that Marvel could get something else out of it.

The great things about the Marvel and Disney+ series is that there’s a chance that characters from different MCU movies will interact with each other and WandaVision proved that it can work. Darcy and Jimmy are two fan-favorite characters who weren’t seen too much in their respective movies, but they played a big part in WandaVision and it was perfect. It’s unknown whether or not Marvel will actually listen to fans and at least try to give them a spinoff but at least Kat Dennings is definitely on board. Since it’s unlikely she will appear in the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder movie, fans can only hope that this won’t be the last time Darcy Lewis is seen.

It will be interesting to see if that spinoff ever comes to fruition, considering it will involve two characters that aren’t seen as much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but are adored by fans. And if it’s not a WandaVision spinoff or another movie, maybe there is another way? One can hope. Fingers crossed it does happen, because I need it.

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