Megan Fox And Kourtney Kardashian Share Looks From Racy SKIMS Campaign, Which Include Topless Photos And An Apple Kiss

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When you have a company that specializes in making sometimes slinky underthings, it makes a lot of sense to show people wearing those undergarments in order to promote them. This is certainly the case with Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand, which has seen a number of hotsy totsy photo shoots since its 2019 inception. While many have included the soon-to-be divorced entrepreneur, this time around she's called on sister Kourtney Kardashian and actress Megan Fox for an assist, and the duo has shared some of their racy SKIMS photo shoot, which include topless photos and a seductive apple kiss.

Obviously, Kourtney Kardashian is an understandable choice for this SKIMS work, seeing as how she and Kim are siblings who both run businesses and are no strangers to photo shoots, marketing campaigns or wearing skimpy attire for either cause. But, these new photos pair the POOSH founder / Travis Barker-makeout-queen with actress Megan Fox, who has also been in the news a lot lately for her dating life with another rocker, Machine Gun Kelly. Fox took to Instagram to share some snaps from the shoot, which include this topless pic:

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Ok, it never occurred to me before that Kardashian and Fox looked alike, but the similarity here is just strong enough that I'm starting to wonder if Megan Fox has been a lost Kardashian sibling all this time. Also, you don't get much racier than sporting black thongs and nothing more than some artfully applied makeup, so, you're welcome, internet.

In Fox's caption, she describes her SKIMS work as "an immersive experience," and I can't help but wonder what she means. She and Kardashian made waves with their rocker boyfriends back in March, after hanging out together at a UFC event in Las Vegas, plus they recently did a cute joint intro of the set performed by Barker and Kelly at the MTV VMA's, where they referred to the musicians as their "future baby daddies." Maybe the immersion involved in this shoot was all about getting to spend some quality time bonding with a new friend as you work?

Or, and I think this is possibly more likely, maybe Fox is talking about there being even more to come from this shoot with Kardashian. There is a SKIMS TV section of the site, where several videos live showing many famous models as they cavort in the skin-toned undies, so we could see actual video of this hot Kardashian / Fox photo shoot appear at some point.

Whoever said that cotton underwear has to be boring is currently eating their words! And, if you don't believe that because you aren't convinced of the potential for cotton sexiness just yet, take a look at this image from the SKIMS campaign that Kardashian put on her Instagram:

kourtney kardashian instagram megan fox kiss skims ad

Still not here for it? What, are your eyes blurry from sleep? Well, prop those peepers open, folks, cause Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox are doing the most by wearing the least in these SKIMS shots and you're missing some good stuff!

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