The Longmire Season 4 Trailer Teaser Is A Visual Marvel, Will Get You Fired Up

Remember when Longmire was unexpected cancelled and its niche but passionate fans were convinced they’d never see any new episodes? Well, the show was miraculously picked up by Netflix, and thanks to the first official trailer teaser, it now finally feels real. You can check out the return of Walt and company below…

This trailer is awesome in a lot of ways, starting with the sleek black, white and red lighting. That’s the thing about Longmire. There’s something about the show that’s just really cool. With its open settings, striking landscapes and rugged, throwback characters, it’s complicated, yet effortlessly cool. This trailer is the same way. It has a lot of cut-to shots. The coloring is really funky, but yet, it never feels overwhelming. It trots along at its own pace, buoyed by a great musical choice and just the right amount of dialogue to remind everyone that Walt Longmire is arguably the most badass character on television.

At its core, Longmire follows Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire and his three deputies Vic, Ferg and Branch. Together, they solve mysteries and try to keep order among the locals who are very into having personal space and personal freedom. These issues are especially pressing and complicated when crimes are committed on the local Reservation, which brings in all sorts of problems related to racism, class, history, culture and competing ways of life. It’s a really careful show, and since Season 1, it has been stringing along an overarching plot about Walt’s murdered wife.

Much of Season 3 followed a detective who was investigating Walt and his BFF Henry Standing Bear. Key characters were arrested, Branch and his father basically went to war and someone got shot in the season’s closing moments. Naturally, all of this really, really needs a resolution, and from the looks of this trailer, Season 4 is going to give fans exactly what they want. Hopefully, with some damn cool visuals thrown in as a bonus.

Longmire premieres on Netflix on September 10th. The first three seasons are currently streaming (opens in new tab), and I cannot recommend any more forcefully that you spend some time getting into the show. It’s a completely original gem, and in a television landscape cluttered by a lot of parody, that’s worth celebrating. Plus, who doesn’t love a good mystery landscaped by wonderful visuals? No one, that’s who. Well, except maybe A&E. For shame.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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