After Britney Spears Said She Changed Her Name To Brooklyn In Now-Deleted Post, Husband Sam Asghari Responds To The Conspiracy Theories

It’s been over a year since Britney Spears’ conservatorship was terminated and, since then, the pop star has seemingly been relishing her newfound freedoms. One of the ways she’s taken advantage of her independence is by sharing various posts to social media. The content of said messages has varied, with Spears even alleging in a now-deleted post that she’s changed her name to Brooklyn. All the while, there are still those who believe the star still doesn’t have complete control over her life and that husband Sam Asghari is now pulling the strings behind the scenes. On that note, Asghari is addressing the conspiracy theories surrounding him and his wife.

Fans have been worried about Britney Spears’ social media presence for some time now, and those concerns have arguably ramped up over the past several months. Spears has taken several breaks from social media and, whenever she returns, fans flood the comments section and question details within her photos and videos. Amid the plethora of questions surrounding the pop princess, Sam Asghari caught up with TMZ. He denied having any kind of influence on his spouse’s social media activities and provided a witty take to illustrate his point:

Man, I don’t even control what we have for dinner. … You know, in the past, there has been a lot of stuff going on, so I understand where [the fans] are coming from – they’re just being protective. If anything, they’re being good fans.

This isn’t the first time that the model, actor and fitness trainer has spoken out about rumors regarding his wife’s autonomy. The “...Baby One More Time” took a break from the interwebs earlier this month, prompting concerns from admirers. Her hubby then addressed the “protective fans,” saying that social media can be “traumatizing” and that “sometimes it's good to take a break.” He also stated that the songstress is “a free woman” and “has her voice.”

Many became concerned about Britney Spears’ social media activity this past summer following her marriage and move to a new abode. A few fans noticed that a number of the Instagram posts that were shared afterwards showed Spears in her old home. While the posts were presented as if they were new, many were actually posted to the account months prior. Sam Aghari also generated less-than-positive reactions in November when he jumped on Instagram Live while he and Spears were in bed. In that instance, Spears remained off camera but could be heard telling Asghari, “I have nothing to say. I don't want to talk to them right now.”

It goes without saying that the singer’s Instagram activity has been interesting as of late. In just the last month, she posed in her bathtub while calling out haters and marked her birthday by penning a message to estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears. She also posted shower videos after her spouse said that he “preferred” she keep nudes off social media. The Grammy winner celebrated Christmas with a fun holiday post in which her significant other served as her “meditation guru.” She also dropped a post that featured the same selfie in different lighting styles.

The name-change post was probably very surprising to those who’ve faithfully followed the star. She made the reveal in a shower video that showed her holding her boobs and made note of the alleged change in a pretty matter-of-fact manner. It remains to be seen whether the change is legitimate or not as paperwork of such a legal change has yet to come to light.

It’s fair to say that content is going to keep flowing from Britney (or possibly Brooklyn) Spears’ socials, and some may continue to have questions regardless of Sam Asghari’s declarations. All eyes will more than likely continue to be on both of them as social media posts continue to get published.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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