Merry Britmas! Britney Spears Is Husband Sam Asghari's 'Meditation Guru' In Fun New Christmas Post

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Celebrities all have their own ways of celebrating the holiday season, ranging from The Voice’s Blake Shelton sporting a distinctive Christmas sweater to Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian showing off their massive Christmas trees. Britney Spears evidently had a different approach to the holidays, as revealed by husband Sam Asghari. They spent what appears to be a fairly low-key day together, but it still had Asghari saying “Merry Britmas!” as part of a fun post.  

Britney Spears’ social media usage has been under close scrutiny for a long time, and her penchant for taking and sharing nude photos is a habit that her husband isn’t particularly thrilled about. Sam Asghari did seem pretty happy about how he and his wife spent their Christmas Day this year. On his Instagram account, he posted:

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari didn't spend Christmas Day in their pajamas to drink eggnog beside a fully-decorated tree, but instead went on a hike and enjoyed some meditation out in the December air. Asghari credited his wife for becoming a "meditation guru" and loves her for it, with a "Merry Britmas" to boot. He wasn't done with the puns on just her name, however, as he credited himself as "Samta." He even included a quick video of them sharing a kiss, and it looks like they had a very merry time together.

The pop princess didn't post about the hike on her own account, but there were some celebrities in Asghari's comment section to support the couple. Donatella Versace dropped a pair of heart emojis, which is only fitting after her role in their wedding. Spears revealed back in 2021 that Versace would be designing her wedding dress, and photos from the 2022 nuptials showed off just how the designer helped give her a fairy tale-esque day

Marvel veteran Frank Grillo (who had some blunts about possibly reprising his Marvel role in live-action) outdid Donatella Versace when it comes to the number of heart emojis, as he went for three. They’re definitely not the only ones giving the post some attention either; at the time of writing, Asghari’s glimpse into his Christmas Day with Britney Spears has accumulated more than 220,000 likes and more than 4,440 comments in less than 24 hours on Instagram. 

Those numbers would undoubtedly skyrocket if his wife reposted on her own Instagram account, but – as Sam Asghari has said – he won’t try to control her social media after she has “been controlled for most of her life.” Britney Spears does have a massive number of followers, with the current count at 41.6 million followers. An Instagram Live back in November got a little weird when she clearly wasn’t expecting it from her husband, though!

2022 has been an exciting year for Britney Spears beyond her marriage and continuing to embrace her freedom after the conservatorship was lifted. She released a new single for the first time in more than five years, and teamed up with none other than Elton John for a new version of “Tiny Dancer” that Paris Hilton planned on playing on repeat! And apparently, she has become a meditation guru for her husband. Merry Britmas indeed!

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