Britney Spears Posts Shower Videos After Husband Sam Asghari Said He ‘Preferred’ She Keep Nudes Off Social Media

Much has been made about Britney Spears’ social media usage since her conservatorship ended. The singer has used her new-found freedom to talk about the restrictions she lived under and put her family on blast. She’s also dropped fun pictures, commented on her interests and posted a fair amount of more adult content. That adult content has gotten the lion’s share of the attention to the point where even her new husband Sam Asghari was forced to comment on it earlier this month. He told fans he “preferred” when Spears didn’t post nudes on social but he isn’t in control of her and doesn’t want to be.

It’s unclear how Spears feels about those preferences, but there has been plenty of speculation after the singer, just a few days after her husband’s comments, dropped a series of four posts, which contained photos and videos of herself in the shower, along with a caption about how Instagram doesn’t like people showing their bodies. Not long after the posts went up, however, they were yanked down, save one which was just a selfie asking her mom out to coffee

Last night, however, two more posts from the shower went up that are either the exact same or are very similar to the ones that were deleted. You can see one below, which may be NSFW depending on where you work and is set to LL Cool J’s “Doin It”...

The photos and videos in question were taken on a recent trip Britney Spears and Sam Asghari took to Mexico. They were posted on the heels of fans begging the singer to drop more new content. Prior to her shutting her comments off on Instagram earlier this month, Spears’ fans were bombarding every post from the singer with conspiracy theories. Much of her content was throwback photos and dancing videos that seemed to be taken at her old house. That was leading many to believe she was not running her own social or perhaps that something was wrong. The chatter got so loud, in fact, that TMZ ran a story earlier this week saying Spears was fine and confirming the shower videos were new and actually shot in Mexico. 

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were married in a fairytale ceremony over the summer. In the time since, Spears has been trying a variety of activities she was barred from doing during her conservatorship like driving, using an ATM card and drinking alcohol. She’s also been traveling a fair amount with her new husband, though much to the chagrin of fans, not a ton of paparazzi photos have emerged from those trips.

There is also still some ongoing legal action related to her conservatorship and specifically her father’s handling of her finances. She has routinely blasted her dad Jamie Spears (and other family members) for what she went through, but he’s been persistent that the conservatorship was needed and may have even saved her life. He’s now allegedly working with her ex-husband Kevin Federline to write a book about fatherhood

It’s unclear whether the shower videos will stay up this time. Either way, it’s clear Spears is determined, after being controlled for so many years, to live her own life and make her own choices, regardless of what the preferences of others, her husband included, might be. 

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