After Kim Kardashian Dropped The Name West, She’s Still Rebranding In Other Ways

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For months after filing for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021, Kim Kardashian kept the West last name firmly on her social media handles, leading to some confusion about whether she intended to keep it with her kids in mind. Court documents have since cleared matters up, though, with a judge ruling in the reality star’s favor last month for her to become legally single and adopt her maiden name once again. Only then did Kardashian drop her ex’s surname officially from the likes of Twitter and Instagram. And the 41-year-old is still rebranding in other ways, too.

The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star initially revealed in July of last year that her billion-dollar KKW Beauty hustle was “temporarily” shutting down for an imminent rebrand. Many fans assumed it was to drop the W from KKW, but its website is still out of commission all these months later. Now, Kim Kardashian has made a similar move with another offshoot of the brand, KKW Fragrance, in the wake of getting greenlit to drop the West last name. On Twitter, she revealed that a new company name and merger of the two websites is underway. See here:

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The star continued in the thread that the fragrance brand, which she started up in 2017, is “deeply personal” for her. She did not say what the time frame is for the relaunch once KKW Fragrance goes dark on May 1. But her shapewear brand SKIMS – which recently featured a racy Megan Fox campaign – is still operational in the meantime.

Beyond her business practices, Kim Kardashian is seeing a bit of a rebrand in her personal life as well. She has a new boyfriend, SNL star Pete Davidson, and a new reality series on the horizon. The latter, simply called The Kardashians, follows the same essential formula as KUWTK but is being sold as a modernized, streaming version on the Hulu platform.

Additionally, it would seem that her ex-husband Kanye West is pivoting his “brand,” which includes having an outspoken and controversial personality. The rapper was suspended of late from Instagram for 24 hours and banned from the 2022 Grammy performances tonight, due to concerning online behavior against his ex wife, Pete Davidson, and even Grammy host Trevor Noah. As a result, West is reportedly ending the Internet beef with his ex-partner outright and seeking help privately for any issues. And it might just be the case because his once-active Instagram is once-again defunct, despite the suspension concluding.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian appears to be taking this next era of her life by the horns. New mindset for her 40s, new updates to her brands, new show, new man – what else could be in store for the infamous influencer? Find out when The Kardashians premieres on Hulu’s lineup of TV shows on April 14.

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