After Phone-Throwing Incident, Kanye West Now Using A Less Destructive Way To Handle Unwanted Photographers

Kanye West in the music video for Runaway
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While Kanye West’s new marriage has been the big reason for him making headlines recently, weaved into that news is a battery investigation the rapper is involved in. The rapper got into a tiff with an individual that ended with him reportedly grabbing their phone and throwing it. Well, after that incident, Ye is using a less destructive method of handling unwanted photographers. 

The rapper was seen going into the L.A. Country Sheriff’s West Hollywood Station a few days ago. Law enforcement sources told TMZ he had gone there to tell them he had been in an argument with the paparazzi. Compared to Ye’s last highly publicized interaction with someone trying to take a photo of him, this situation seemed a lot more peaceful. The report explained that West allegedly asked the photographer to stop recording him and his family, and then they got into an argument. However, instead of it becoming a physical altercation, the Yeezy owner did not escalate the situation, and he went to the police. 

After he filed his report, West left the Sheriff's Department, and they are now looking into if there’s anything more to this reported argument. 

This interaction is notably a lot calmer and more collected in comparison to the last time West found himself in a tense situation with the paps. The rapper is still involved in a battery investigation because he got physical with a photographer by reaching into their car, grabbing their phone, and tossing it.  

In the weeks since West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been asked about the incident, and she shut down the paparazzi who asked her the question. When questioned about her ex-husband’s actions she didn’t hesitate to make it clear that she did not want to be asked about what happened in front of her kids. 

All this paparazzi attention, which is fairly commonplace for both West and Kardashian, has been consistent lately due to their officially finalized divorce, Ye’s controversial comments, and his recent marriage to Bianca Censori

While there has been lots of coverage that has led to tense moments for West, his wedding was not one of them. It was reportedly a very private ceremony, and a “surprise to the world,” as one source revealed.

However, while his marriage might be off to a strong start, Ye is dealing with his fair share of messes. While he is involved in a few different lawsuits, his lawyers were not tracking him down over them, they were trying to cut ties with him. On top of that West’s California ranch was apparently found in shambles. With everything Ye is tied up in at the moment, this latest paparazzi incident isn't one of them, since he just decided to go to the police rather than get in a fight. 

Considering all the news Ye has made recently, and looking back at his entire career, it’s not all that surprising there is a documentary about him in the works that could possibly premiere on the 2023 TV schedule. While this one paparazzi interaction will likely not be included, I’d assume many of the stories published about West's controversial actions in the last year will be. Although, while we wait to see what ends up in this upcoming doc, it seems like the rapper is happy in his new marriage, and trying not to escalate tense situations.  

Riley Utley
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