After Seemingly Going Official With Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian Dropped A Stunning Bikini Pic

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Rumors have been flying for some time now that Kim Kardashian and funny guy Pete Davidson are, like, a real, bonafide, genuine couple. Davidson even was forced to address the situation recently and, in typical fashion, he trolled the heck out of it instead of confirming or denying. However, a recent post by Flavor Flav (and your guess is as good as mine how that happened) showcased Davidson hanging out in matching plaids with both the SKIMS CEO and her mother, Kris Jenner. This led many to wonder if they were all in on trolling us or were going Instagram official with their relationship. But now, I guess, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming because Kardashian dropped some customarily stunning bikini pics – solo.

Bikini pics are the standard fare we see with the Kardashian-Jenners. (Not matching ensembles with tattooed comedians, to say the least.) Kim's latest on Instagram isn't quite that time she reenacted Blue Lagoon or that celebratory bikini billionaire post, but it's still decent. The pic shows her bare-faced in a hot tub with a pretty spectacular view. It's no wonder she captioned it “my happy place.” See the image here:

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Now that is a masterful pivot from the major topic of discussion. I expect no less from the Queen of social media. But she shouldn't assume that we've forgotten about all those dinners she's been having with the SNL star. Her soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West obviously doesn't like the idea of that relationship, but he just might want to get used to not calling her his wife anymore (as he is prone to do) if the supposed romance gets any more serious than we all think it is.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and King of Staten Island actor reportedly have known each other for a while, just because they run in similar circles. Fans on the Internet have joked that that circle – otherwise known as the Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson, Travis Barker/Kourtney Kardashian and Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox trifecta – is getting a little eerie in their similarities. Personally, I can’t stop imagining that Spider-Man meets Spider-Man meme.

But it was the reality TV star's first turn as host of Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago that things appeared to shift. A skit featuring her and Pete Davidson as Aladdin and Jasmine involved an erectile dysfunction joke and an actual kiss on the lips. It raised some eyebrows, but I was actually still reeling from her opening monologue that had daring jokes about her infamous sex tape, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey, and more.

It's been one moment after another of Kim Kardashian seemingly stepping out of her typical box of presentation. She's making fun of herself, becoming a lawyer... All has been flipped on its head, but the recent bikini pic shows that some things never change with the newly christened Hulu star.

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