Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold May Be Extended As More Details About What Led To Her Naked 911 Call Are Revealed

Amanda Bynes unfortunately made headlines earlier this week due to a scary situation that she was involved in this past week. Early Sunday morning, Bynes wandered the streets of Los Angeles naked before flagging down a driver for help and contacting the authorities herself. The Nickelodeon alum was subsequently placed under a psychiatric hold. Now, according to a new report, said hold is likely to be extended. Not only that, but new alleged details have been divulged in regard to the circumstances leading to her 911 call. 

Previous reports didn’t provide context as to how or why Amanda Bynes was naked in downtown LA in the first place. Per TMZ’s sources, the 36-year-old is believed to have been living on the streets for several days before she made contact with the authorities on March 18th. Apparently, days earlier, Bynes’ car had been towed in Long Beach on March 15th. As the news site points out, that city is about 40 miles from the actress’ home and 25 miles from LA. The Easy A alum eventually made her way to Hollywood by the 18th, having purportedly gotten there by either taking public transportation or hitchhiking. 

The star is said to have still been clothed at that point as well as during the time that she allegedly hitched a ride to Beverly Hills before asking to be returned to Los Angeles. With information on the matter still being stitched together, insiders have yet to provide info on when or why she discarded her clothes. 

Sources also allege that once she arrived at the mental health hospital, she began making improvements. A past update made note of the fact that her parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, were thankful that she was lucid enough to call for her help on her own. Despite that, it would appear that Amanda could possibly spend another week in the facility. Psychiatric holds typically last about 72 hours, according to the news outlet, yet they can be extended if warranted. 

This latest personal setback for Amanda Bynes arrives about a year after the dissolution of her conservatorship. Bynes filed to end it in early 2022, with her parents supporting the decision. At the time, reports specified that Bynes’ legal guardianship situation was not intended to last her entire life but would only remain in effect until she was fit to leave it. When the judge finally ruled in her favor in March 2022, Bynes reached out to the fans, sending her love and gratitude to them. Reports indicate that Bynes’ parents are not considering re-instituting a conservatorship following this most recent incident. 

News of the former child star’s ordeal came on the heels of ‘90s Con, where she was set to reunite with her castmates from All That. However, it was reported on Saturday that she’d been forced to drop out due to illness. In spite of her absence, former co-star Kel Mitchell gave her a shout-out and wished her well. 

In the aftermath of this sad state of affairs, you can only hope that Amanda Bynes will be able to get the help she needs. Bynes seemed to be making strides as a free woman over the last year and, surely, her fans would love to see her continue to make progress.

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