Amy Robach's Divorce Finalized After Months-Long GMA Affair, But What's Going On With T.J. Holmes' Split?

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on Good Morning America.
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The drama surrounding Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' relationship and the entire situation with Good Morning America has been highly publicized and constantly talked about, but the details of their divorces have stayed relatively under wraps. However, we've learned a bit about how their respective splits are going. In terms of Robach and Andrew Shue's divorce, it’s been confirmed they quietly finalized it without a big legal battle. Meanwhile, T.J. Holmes is reportedly still working to make his divorce final. 

Amy Robach And Andrew Shue Finalized Their Divorce

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue’s 12-year marriage came to an end as the situation at GMA began to unfold. They have officially finalized their divorce, per The Daily Mail, six months after their break up. 

A source explained that the estranged couple will share custody of their dog, Brody, which makes sense considering the two have been seen meeting up to pick up/drop off the pooch. The source also explained that their split was amicable, they used mediation, and there was no big legal battle. Based on this report, the big point the former couple needed to work out was the custody of their dog, considering they don’t share kids. 

While the divorce seems to be amicable, the split has reportedly been very hard on Shue. However, he’s found support in his Melrose Place co-stars, and his kids. Meanwhile, Robach seems to be very happy with Holmes, as they’ve been seen together laying on the PDA and soaking up the sun on vacation and walking around together in New York City. It seems like things are going fine between Robach and Shue, all things considered, and her and Holmes are reportedly very much in love, however, her partner is still in the middle of his own divorce. 

T.J. Holmes Is Still Finalizing His Divorce 

Like Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes’ was also with his wife for a decade. However, unlike his girlfriend, he shares a 10-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Marilee Fiebig. While the couple broke up last summer, around the same time Shue and Robach split up, Holmes reportedly filed for divorce in December, and they’re still working to finalize it.

In January, Fiebig’s lawyer released a statement that called her ex-husband out for not respecting his family. It explained that the two are working through their divorce “privately, expeditiously and as amicably as possible.” However, it also mentioned that they’ve been “disappointed by T.J.’s lack of discretion, respect and sensitivity,” toward his ex-wife and daughter. Considering Holmes and Fiebig are likely working out a custody arrangement for their child, it does make sense that this divorce is taking longer to finalize.

While their divorce is still being worked out, Holmes and Robach seem to be happier than ever. They made their first public appearance a few weeks ago, and are reportedly working to get back on TV, and Ellen’s producers might be involved. Overall, It seems like as the former GMA anchors work out their respective divorces, they are also moving forward as a couple and trying to figure out a way to advance their careers and get back on the TV schedule

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