How The Melrose Place Cast Reportedly Reacted After Finding Out About The GMA Affair Drama Between T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach, And Her Ex Andrew Shue

When it comes to Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged workplace affair, much has been said about the two personalities at the center of it. Other specific individuals that are intimately connected to the situation have been discussed as well, though. Andrew Shue, Robach’s estranged husband, is one of those people. The veteran actor hasn’t spoken publicly about his spouse’s relationship and firing from GMA, at this point. But a new report alleges that he’s having a hard time dealing with it and that his former Melrose Place co-stars have reacted in the midst of the drama. 

Andrew Shue, 56, is probably well known to most for his role as Billy Campbell on the ‘90s soap opera, which ran for seven seasons on Fox. It’s been nearly 25 years since the show wrapped up, but it would seem that Shue is still close to a few of his co-stars. RadarOnline reports that Shue confided in Melrose Place’s Alyssa Milano, Heather Locklear, Kristin Davis and Marcia Cross in the aftermath of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ situation. One source tells the news outlet that Shue’s colleagues sent some positive messages his way: 

It’s like being a member of a very small, exclusive club. After Amy was caught cheating, almost everyone associated with the show reached out to Andrew. He’s a good guy, a class act. He doesn’t dump his friends. He holds on to people — which makes what Amy did to him worse!

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue tied the knot in February 2010 and reportedly separated during the summer of 2022. That latter point only came to light after Robach’s romance with T.J. Holmes became news. Ahead of this latest rumor involving the Melrose Place cast, an insider dropped details on how Robach and Shue purportedly drifted ahead of her fling with Holmes. The person claims that Shue was not supportive of some of Robach’s personal endeavors, while Holmes was not. The co-workers’ “bond was made stronger because of that and that’s when it all started.” Robach and Shue were also apparently close with Robach and wife, Marilee Fiebig, as they would reportedly go on double dates.

From the outside looking in, it would appear that Andrew Shue has had minimal communication with his ex since everything went down. Shue has seemingly been spending time with his son’s in the aftermath as, in December, he appeared with them in a family photo, sans his spouse. Over the Christmas holiday, he posed for another photo with them while his former partner vacationed with T.J. Holmes in Miami. One of the rare times that Shue and his wife have been spotted in public together was in January, when they did a custody swap of their dog. 

Amy Robach, meanwhile, seems to be leaning into this new phase of her life. She’s been vacationing with T.J. Holmes, and she also put her severance package to use by purchasing an expensive penthouse apartment. The two recently made their first public appearance as a couple but, all the while, they’re still looking for employment. Sources say that the former GMA3 anchors want to stick to TV and hopefully land gigs that allow them to remain co-anchors.

It goes without saying that as all of this unfolds, Andrew Shue is also facing a new reality. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that he’s receiving support from his fellow Melrose Place alums. And if it is true, it’s easy to imagine that the likes of Heather Locklear and Alyssa Milano will have Shue’s back if (or when) he and Amy Robach formally opt to divorce.

Erik Swann
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