Britney Spears Fans Express Concerns After Strange New Social Media Posts

Britney Spears has done things her own way on social media since her conservatorship ended. For the most part, her willingness to open up and share her perspective, as well as a variety of uninhibited videos and pictures, has been cheered by her followers, but over the past few days, many of those same people have started to express concerns about what they see as strange behavior from the beloved pop star.

Yesterday, as an example, Spears posted the same exact pictures with the same exact caption three separate times. In the pictures, she’s wearing the same top she wore in four separate videos she dropped of herself dancing. All seven of the posts came within a day of each other and were separated only by a post in which she discussed how much she loves windows. You can check out one of the dancing videos below…

In addition to a lot of confusion over the similarities between all the posts, there are also a lot of questions being asked among fans about when the videos were taken. The posting spree started with Spears dropping a video of herself dancing, which she later deleted. She later clarified she’d posted the wrong one, but a subsequent video, which she claimed was of herself dancing “yesterday,” appears to have been taken in her old house. Many fans are, of course, recklessly speculating in the comments about timelines and what’s really going on. Here’s a sample comment that has over 1,800 likes…

This wasn’t yesterday! You still in your old house now? Wtf is goin on Britney!? Where tf is Britney ???

That’s far from the only one. There are thousands of comments between her recent posts. Some of them are, of course, supporting Britney Spears or expressing how much they like her outfit or her dancing, but a really high percentage of them are expressing some level of concern about the beloved musician and what's been going on lately on her socials. Here's another example with over 1,600 likes...

Nothing is right about this.

Britney Spears is, of course, no stranger to posting things that raise a few eyebrows. She once posted the same nude six times in a row with different filters. She’s also had some back-and-forths with her ex-husband, her kids and other members of her family over both things that have happened in the past and her decision to repeatedly post risque photos on Instagram. In addition, she’s also deleted her social media and reactivated it several times since her conservatorship ended and recently changed her profile name to Channel 8 for unclear reasons.

Despite her openness in some ways on social media, there’s still a lot of mystery around Spears and what her life is actually like on a daily basis. She’s given her uncensored thoughts on so much of what happened during her career and during her conservatorship, but most of the content on her social media has been dancing videos, memes and homemade photo shoots. There’s not a lot of her eating fast food, playing Monopoly or giving her thoughts on current TV shows or movies, as an example. 

What we do know is Spears got married earlier this year to new husband Sam Asghari. She also recently got back in the studio and worked on a collaboration with pop legend Elton John called “Hold Me Closer,” which tore up the charts. She’s also free now to make her own decisions, and if those decisions involve posting similar content on social media, then that’s her choice to make. 

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