Britney Spears Had A Sweet Message For Sam Asghari On Valentine’s Day, But She Also Shared A Message For The Haters

If you’ve been following Britney Spears on social media, you probably know that she has spent many of the past few months using it to speak up for herself, deliver her side of some very troubling situations, and downright slam a number of people who she feels have wronged her for several years. There seems to basically be one person the newly freed star has unadulterated love for online, and that is her fiancé, Sam Asghari. Well, while Spears shared a sweet message for Asghari on Valentine’s Day, she also had something to say to her haters.

What Was Britney Spears’ Valentine’s Day Message For Sam Asghari?

As Britney Spears saw restrictions under her conservatorship begin to lessen (with it eventually ending completely in November) she frequently took to her Instagram account to share how she was enjoying life, which often took on the form of her posing in the buff or sharing nice things about the man who’s been with her through so much, Sam Asghari. As you might imagine, Valentine’s Day was no different for the sorta-retired singer, as she once again let everyone know what Asghari means to her:

Never let it be said that Spears doesn’t know how to be sweet and straight to the point when something or someone is making her happy! In the caption of her Valentine’s post, Spears called out how Asghari “

has been with me through it all” and noted that she plans to keep him around “a bit longer,” which just makes good sense, seeing as how the two got engaged in late September. 

Her post was accompanied by a short video showing the two having fun and goofing around a bit on motorbikes. We only see Spears from the back as she speeds down the road, but she does seem to be having fun and living her life to the fullest, doesn’t she?

This is certainly good to see. While Spears has been doing things like hitting the gym to keep her toned figure, vacationing in beautiful Maui, and prepping for her big day with Asghari by getting her wedding dress details ironed out, she’s also had to deal with continued familial strife.

That trouble has largely come in the form of her younger sister, Sweet Magnolias star Jamie Lynn Spears, whose recently published autobiography has led to even more issues between the siblings than the social media fighting we saw last year. The actress opened up about the rift with her big sister in mid-January, but that only seemed to make things worse, especially once her book released, which led to the pop legend refuting some of Jamie Lynn’s claims, publicly calling her “scum” on two separate occasions, and quickly sending her a cease and desist letter to keep Jamie Lynn from talking about her while promoting her book.

What Message Did Britney Spears Have For Her Haters?

Spears has been more and more willing, over the past several months, to speak out against her haters, whether they be random people in her comments or those in her family, and she also sent out a post on Valentine’s Day that spoke directly to all those folks and features the hit-maker showing off her curves:

britney spears instagram

(Image credit: Britney Spears Instagram)

I have to say, one of my favorite things that Spears sometimes does on Instagram is find gentle ways to tell people off. And, what better way to do that than to call out her haters with her purple hair, neon swimsuit, and a smile, and to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day? It’s a perfectly nice way to say, “Oh, you don’t like me even though I’ve never done anything to you? Well, screw you, too!” on a day meant to celebrate the love we all have in our hearts. Keep doing you, Britney Spears. Sam Asghari loves it, and so do we. 

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