Britney Spears Is Pretty In Pink As She Drops Details About Her Wedding Dress

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Embattled pop star Britney Spears has been able to share the many ups and downs of her life in recent years with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé Sam Asghari, whom she’s been dating since they met while filming her "Slumber Party" music video in the fall of 2016. Now that the couple are planning their nuptials, Spears has been revealing small bits of info about how they want their big day to go down, and she recently shared a photo of herself in a pink dress while dropping another detail about their wedding: her wedding dress is already being made!

And, not only that, but Britney Spears also took to her Instagram page to announce who was creating her dress for her marriage to Sam Asghari. As you might expect, it’s a pretty big name. Take a look at her post, below, and we can discuss afterward!

Ooooh! First of all, I don’t doubt that at first glance a lot of her fans would have thought that maybe she was sharing a photo of her wedding dress with us. The frothy, frilly, flowy pink creation (complete with sheer bodice and what appears to be stick-on bra cups for a bit of modesty) is something that anyone who’s checked out Spears’ social media posts could easily see her getting hitched while wearing. But! The big news she shared is actually that the legendary Donatella Versace is already hard at work on her actual wedding dress, which is sure to be a thing of beauty.

The Italian fashion designer has created a number of stunning dresses, including Jennifer Lopez’s famous, gravity-defying, green “jungle dress” that made headlines when she wore it to the Grammy Awards in 2000. So, it’s possible that, when Spears does finally reveal her actual wedding dress to the public, it will be something at least a little bit risqué. 

After Spears spoke out in open court over the summer about many alleged abuses she’s suffered under her conservatorship, the restrictions on her life began to lift. One of those led to her being given full control of her social media accounts, and in the past several months, fans have seen the singer post several topless or fully nude photos of herself. 

With her 40th birthday coming up in December, she’s also noted that she’s not interested in toning down when it comes to her crop tops, short shorts, bikinis, and other items of clothing that bare a lot of skin. What better way to show off her body than in a fabulous wedding dress made by one of fashion’s biggest names?

When Britney Spears opened up about her conservatorship a few months ago, she said that she hadn’t been allowed to even consider getting married or having more kids, so it’s very good that that’s changed for her. And, I know I’m not alone in being very eager to see her in whatever amazing wedding dress she’s having designed for the occasion.

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