Britney Spears Posted A Picture In The Shower, Complained About Instagram And Invited Her Mom To Coffee In Same Post

There are some celebrities who stick in a very narrow lane on Instagram. They overwhelmingly post a specific type of content and/ or go for a specific tone, and almost all of what we see from them follows that format. Not Britney Spears. The beloved singer, since getting full access to her social media accounts post-conservatorship, is remarkably candid in her communications with fans, and her content touches on a lot of subjects. Sometimes she talks about her past and her fractured relationship with her family members. Sometimes she talks about social media itself. Sometimes she posts photos in various states of undress. Or, in the case of yesterday, sometimes she lumps all of it together into one post.

Spears took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a series of photos and videos from inside a shower in Mexico. She’s currently on vacation alongside husband Sam Asghari, and she dropped four posts from a two hour shower session. In the one below, she included the picture, alongside a caption that touched on how Instagram won’t let people post their bodies, as well as crossing the border into Mexico. She also commented on being allowed to have coffee now and invited her estranged mother out for coffee to “talk about it.” You can check out the post below…

Britney Spears’ relationship with her family members is complicated, to say the least. She was put under a conservatorship back in 2008 after a few public incidents and hospitalizations. Her father Jamie Spears was appointed as her guardian in a role he kept until 2019. The conservatorship was later dissolved, and Spears has been open about how much anger and resentment she has toward her father for controlling her. He, on the other hand, has been persistent that the conservatorship was needed.

She has also expressed a lot of anger toward her mother Lynne Spears for supporting the conservatorship and not speaking up, though her mom disagrees with that assessment. The pop star also accused her mother of hitting her. The Spears Family matriarch has apologized publicly on several occasions and has repeatedly insisted she only wants her daughter to be happy, though as with most family back-and-forths, there are many different versions of events.

In recent weeks, Spears has shown a possible openness to reconnecting with her family. She posted a thoughtful tribute to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, and now, she opened the door here a little to her mother. Obviously, to be clear, there’s definitely a little shade in the post too related to not being able to have coffee and then asking her to get coffee, but it seems, at least from my perspective, that the door is semi-open.

It’s unclear what Spears’ fans might think because she recently disabled the comments on her Instagram page. She didn’t give any explanation for why, but if you’ve ever spent any time in her comment section, it’s pretty clear. The conspiracy theories about her posting old content or content from her old house and how that might mean she’s not in charge of her account were running wild. Add in how many fans would openly question her posting decisions, and the result was a very toxic environment. Hopefully, without that negativity and the door potentially open for a reconciliation with her family, the pop legend is setting herself up for a great 2023.

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