Candace Cameron Bure And Hallmark Co-Stars Celebrate Wrapping Latest Aurora Teagarden Mystery

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Anyone who watches the Hallmark Channel will know that the network has been deep in Countdown to Christmas territory since late October, with several new holiday movies yet to debut through the end of this month. One of the channel’s leading stars, Candace Cameron Bure, saw her most recent Christmas film for Hallmark release near the end of November. But, that doesn’t mean that she has nothing left to toast to when it comes to her work there, as Cameron Bure and her Aurora Teagarden co-stars just celebrated wrapping their latest movie.

Even if your only interaction with Hallmark involves checking out the many (many, many) yearly holiday movies from the network and its sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, you probably know that Candace Cameron Bure has done a number of Aurora Teagarden films since 2015. Now, she and her co-stars have been able to celebrate completing filming on the new movie. Take a look at what she had to say about the momentous occasion on Instagram

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As you can see, Candace Cameron Bure and her Aurora Teagarden Mysteries co-stars, like Niall Matter, Lexa Doig, Marilu Henner, Miranda Frigon, and Peter Benson, seem extremely pleased to have been able to wrap up yet another movie for their many fans. Several of the actors have been working on the series from the beginning, or appeared in many of the movies (likely relieving some of the pressure for Cameron Bure on being such a major presence for the channel), so it makes sense that they’d all gather for pictures and celebrations after their hard work was done.

If you think you’ve seen Cameron Bure and her co-stars in a lot of Aurora Teagarden movies, you’d be correct. As opposed to doing one movie a year for Hallmark, the team has managed to get together and do two or three since the franchise (which is based on the novels by author Charlaine Harris) started, meaning that this marks their eighteenth film. 

The franchise, of course, focuses on determined librarian Aurora, and the other members of the Real Murders Club, as they work to solve a number of crimes in their small Washington town. The most recent movie (Honeymoon, Honeymurder) debuted in late August, and saw Aurora and her new husband, Nick (Matter), on a “pre-honeymoon” trip that led to them finding a body, and getting very close to danger as they tried to figure out what happened.

While Cameron Bure didn’t reveal any details of the next movie, aside from it being scheduled to premiere in February 2022, it’s listed as Haunted by Murder right now, which should mean a good time for fans. Hallmark’s brief tease of the movie says that it will reveal how Aurora and her best bud, newspaper reporter and club member Sally (Doig), met and began solving crimes together, so viewers who’ve been waiting for those answers will definitely be happy with the new film.

Candace Cameron Bure and the rest of the team behind the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries will be back in 2022, but until then be sure to check out the Christmas movies and TV schedule to see what you can watch right now!

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