Cole Sprouse Got Candid About Losing His Virginity And More In New Interview, But The Internet Won’t Stop Roasting Him For Smoking Inside

Cole Sprouse in Season 6 of Riverdale
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Cole Sprouse has been a working actor since he was a baby, and starred alongside his twin brother Dylan in movies like Big Daddy and shows like Friends and Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So, it’s safe to say he’s been around the block, and has been through a lot. With that being said on a new podcast, the actor spoke openly about a lot of sensitive topics like being a child actor, the difficulties of childhood fame, his close relationship with his twin, his parent’s divorce and the custody battle that followed, his break-up with his Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart as well as losing his virginity at 14. However, while he spoke candidly about all these topics, the internet can’t get over the fact that he was smoking a cigarette indoors. 

Cole Sprouse Candidly Discusses Losing His Virginity At 14

Sprouse really spoke sincerely and candidly about his past, but he also had a good sense of humor about it all. While his stories about his parents, brother and time on Disney Channel were fascinating, one of the more shocking moments from Sprouse’s appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast was his story about losing his virginity when he was 14. 

The Riverdale star started the story by explaining that he was on a family trip to Florida, and met an older girl, the second time they saw each other he asked her if she was “DTF.” That’s literally what he asked, and he noted that his twin will never let him live that line down. He continued the story about taking her back to his hotel room, saying: 

So we went back to the hotel room… and I text my brother and my buddy, Charlie – we were all staying in the same hotel because we were fucking 14. I was like, ‘Dude, you gotta get out of the room. I got a girl coming over, you gotta get out of the room, dude.’ And we’re walking down the hall, and I see my brother and Charlie walking towards me and as they’re walking towards me, my brother just looks at me and he goes, 'What the fuck are we supposed to do?' and I looked at him and I said another line that he's never forgiven me for. I looked at him, and I was like, 'I don't know, go play chess or something.’ [The sex] lasted about 20 seconds, and I never talked to her again.

The actor noted during the story that after this moment he became a “serial monogamist.” Much like he did with other stories he told, Sprouse reflected on how that moment impacted his love life moving forward, but he also acknowledged how funny the story was, saying: 

And after that, I became truly a serial monogamist. I went from long-term relationship to long-term relationship pretty consistently. … Not only that embarrassing display, I love that story now because it’s so youthful that I think it’s quite funny. But I ended up regretting it a little bit afterward because I hadn't made it special at all. I sort of got it out of the way. And that’s not to say that it needs to be [special], but from my own personal approach to it, I was kinda like ‘eh.’

Throughout the podcast, Sprouse talked about how he has done a lot of self-work, and openly spoke about very personal topics, like losing his virginity. However, throughout the entire episode, he was smoking a cigarette, and the internet will not let him live it down. 

Fans Can’t Stop Roasting Cole Sprouse For Smoking Inside

Since seeing people smoke a cigarette inside is not a common sight these days, it comes as no surprise to me that the internet is roasting Cole Srpouse for doing it. While he asked for permission to smoke, and noted that people smoke weed indoors all the time, the internet is roasting him big time, posting things like what Ashley Reese wrote

Many people seemed off-put by Sprouse’s decision to smoke, and posted things like what @brittanyzapataa wrote

It’s giving rich white kid pretending to be a tortured artist ☠️

Michelle agreed with this sentiment by posting: 

Another listener, @barchiebaby, poked fun at the Riverdale star by posting a photo of Chandler Bing:  

However, there were some people humorously supporting the actor, by noting one of Cole Sprouse’s best-known projects, Riverdale. For example, Yew posted

He was on riverdale what’s more tortured than that?

Like most of these Twitter users, I don’t love that Cole Sprouse was smoking indoors, but honestly, it was kind of a vibe to see him reflect on Zack and Cody all these years later, his previous relationships and losing his virginity while casually holding a cigarette. It was giving Mad Men vibes, in my humble opinion. Overall, it was cool to see one of Disney Channel’s former stars speak so openly about his time working crazy hours like Jenna Ortega did as a kid, and his relationships with his family and partners. 

If you want to see what Cole Sprouse is up to now, Riverdale’s final season is will start airing on the 2023 TV schedule on March 29, and you can stream the first six seasons with a Netflix subscription

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