Could Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Elope Following Lengthy Engagement? Here’s What She Says

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams attend a Bachelor in Paradise event.
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As the world at large continues to make adjustments due to changes wrought by the pandemic, Hollywood is also facing delays for some films coming in later months. New movie premieres aren’t the only celebrity-infused events that have been pushed way back by COVID, either, as a lot of engaged couples looking to get married were forced to delay their wedding days as well. Modern Family alum Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams are one such couple who got engaged right before the pandemic hit, and still haven't tied the knot. Hyland has now opened up about the possibility of eloping following her lengthy engagement.

Not too long ago, Sarah Hyland announced that 2022 would be the year she and Wells Adams would get married. In a recent interview on eThe Ellen DeGeneres Show with guest host Mario Lopez, Hyland reaffirmed that she would like 2022 to be the year for her to tie the knot, presumably in a lavish fasion. But when prompted by Lopez if she would ever consider eloping, the actress had this to say:

Naturally we talked about all of the options since we had to cancel ours. But I am totally fine with eloping, either Vegas or going to the south of France just the two of us, something like that. But Wells is such a romantic, and he wants everybody to be there. Maybe that says he loves his family more than I do. I don’t know, I think that hopefully this will be the year, but we’re going to have the people that we love there, which is a lot of people, so we want everybody to be safe.

While it sounds like Sarah Hyland would be down for a quick eloping in order to become a married woman officially, her fiancé may need a bigger to-do. There are plenty of weddings happening in 2022, hopefully with safety as a top priority in all cases, so eloping may not be necessary for a 2022 nuptial just yet. 

Earlier in her interview, Sarah Hyland spoke of Wells Adams’ romanticism and revealed that he not only asked both of her parents for a blessing to marry her, but also her on-screen Modern Family parents, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. This totally makes sense, as Modern Family was a big part of Hyland’s life. The show went on for 11 years, starting when she was just a teenager. 

Along with the beautiful proposal he set up for Sarah Hyland, the fact that Wells Adams would involve so many people in their engagement and be so conscious about the important people in Hyland’s life supports that he would want a full-size wedding instead of going off and eloping, even if it was in a beautiful place like France. I wouldn't think Hyland’s willingness to elope means she loves her family and friends any less, as she speculates in her interview, but that she just wants to get married rather than drag out a long engagement. 

Fans may be hoping for a wedding as well, as they may result in some more fun-loving pictures like the one of Sarah Hyland posing in front of Wells Adams’ junk for her birthday. Whatever the couple decides, though, congratulations will certainly be in order. Until then, fans can see (or, rather, hear) her in a somewhat unexpected way when her voice is featured in the podcast series Bone, Marry, Bury as the lead sometime this year. And check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are debuting soon!

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