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Dwayne Johnson Gets To Live Out His Super Bowl Dreams Tonight, And His Response Hits All The Right Notes

Dwayne Johnson is shown on Jungle Cruise.
(Image credit: Walt Disney Studios)

It doesn’t need to be said how big of a day the Super Bowl is for the two teams that are playing, but when the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams face off in Super Bowl LVI from SoFi Stadium, the athletes aren’t the only ones who will be checking an item off their bucket lists. Dwayne Johnson, the football player-turned-pro wrestler-turned-future DC superhero will see one of his dreams come true as well, and he’s bringing all the feels.

Back in the ‘90s, Dwayne Johnson attended the University of Miami on a full football scholarship and was part of the Hurricanes’ 1991 national championship team. Any college football player with a modicum of success has undoubtedly had the Super Bowl cross their mind. Johnson didn’t find success with professional football, but his unquestioned success as actor and action movie star has led him right back to his original dream, as the man formerly known as The Rock will play a part in this year’s big game. He shared a video and some inspiring words from the SoFi Stadium field ahead of the game. 

Dwayne Johnson may not have made it to the Super Bowl as a football player, but he got there all the same, and I love to see how big of a moment this is for him. He didn’t say specifically what role he’ll play during the big game, but Access Hollywood reported that he will appear during NBC’s pre-game show to give a pre-game speech. Johnson is definitely bringing the right energy, if that’s the case, as even during rehearsal he’s bouncing on the field with his microphone, filled with electricity. Honestly, the words in his post are enough to get me hyped for the big game.

My NFL dreams never came true, so this will be a TRUE HONOR. Dreams ain’t just for dreamers.

Even if his Super Bowl dreams don’t look the way he might have imagined when he was younger, he still made it, and he seems to be enjoying every single second. This is the kind of thing he surely meant when he talked about “finding greatness.” 

In another Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson talked about being able to feel the energy on the field, even in rehearsals. He appeared to be soaking it all in, despite the empty seats. I can’t imagine what that is going to feel like when he’s in front of 70,000 people. Check out Johnson warming up for his big moment, and please note the rap song used in the video is NSFW.

Lots of dreams come true at the Super Bowl — it’s not all about the hilarious commercials and star-studded halftime show — and we often don’t think about the many people involved who aren’t actually participating on the field. It’s inspiring to see a former football player like Dwayne Johnson getting his dreams fulfilled in a way he never could have imagined. If you want to tune in to see Johnson in action, he will reportedly be featured in the 5 p.m. ET hour of NBC’s pre-game coverage. The Super Bowl kicks off at approximately 6:30 p.m. ET. Check out how to watch the Super Bowl, including streaming and TV options.

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