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Dwayne Johnson Goes Into Detail About All His Major Injuries And ‘Finding Greatness’ Despite Them

Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Bravestone in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

Watching Dwayne Johnson stunt and smolder on the big screen, after years of grueling careers in football and professional wrestling, one might be tempted to think that the man known in the WWE as The Rock is indestructible. But Johnson has actually had to deal with a number of injuries over the years that could have threatened his current pursuits. The athlete-turned-actor recently opened up about some major injuries he’s suffered, as well as overcoming them to find “greatness,” as he prepares to make his debut in the DC Universe as the star of Black Adam.

While Dwayne Johnson challenged himself in regards to his training for Black Adam, which also included some demanding non-physical tasks like spending 10 hours inside “The Egg.” In an interview with Men’s Journal, he revealed a number of painful-sounding injuries and surgeries, as well as what he still struggles with:

I’m still overcoming mental adversity to be honest. That never ends. I’ve sustained a number of injuries over the years that have been difficult to overcome, but I’m lucky that I’ve never been injured in the gym. I was brought up to train hard and train smart. But that didn’t protect me when I was out on the field competing or in the wrestling ring. I’ve had five knee surgeries, a torn Achilles. I had to be sewn back together. The top of my quad was torn from my pelvis. I had a whole bunch of shit happen. The other major adversity has just been fatigue, which can get us all. I know it gets me, and sometimes the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. But when you’re able to push yourself and you fight past that fatigue — that’s when you can find greatness.

The star certainly seems to be an image of greatness. Knowing the injuries he’s had to work through — multiple knee surgeries, a torn Achilles, a torn quad and more — makes it even more impressive that he’s had such a physically demanding career for so long. The fact that he’s still ramping up his training proves that he really has been smart about what his body needs and can handle over the years. 

Also, knowing that the Jungle Cruise actor still has to fight through fatigue and push through when he doesn’t feel like getting it on at the gym brings him back down to a human level in a surprising way. Dwayne Johnson said being able to overcome those mental struggles is part of what's turned him into his best self. Those are pretty inspiring words, even to mere mortals like me, who will never smolder like Jumanji's Dr. Bravestone. 

Dwayne Johnson is ready to take the DC Universe by storm, as he will star in two upcoming DC movies this year. Before audiences get to see him in the titular role of Black Adam — coming to theaters July 22 — they’ll be able to hear him as the voice of Krypto in DC’s League of Super-Pets, which will arrive in theaters May 20. Be sure to see what other movies are coming soon by checking our 2022 Movie Release Schedule.

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