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Fargo Season 5: 5 Quick Things We Know About The FX Series

A scene from Fargo
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These days, it seems like no TV network or streaming platform is complete without its own anthology series, and FX has a leg up on everyone else. By our count, seven of the network’s best TV series fall under the anthology category, including the long-running American Horror Story, its more episodic FX on Hulu spin-off, American Horror Stories, and the more recent and grounded effort, The Premise. In addition to these hits, one of FX’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed examples of the enduring subgenre is Fargo.

Loosely inspired by the classic 1996 film of the same name (and one of the best Coen Brothers movies), each season of this show - which debuted in 2014 - tells a different chilling, violent, and even morbidly funny tale of ordinary people from various places and periods in time who get themselves wrapped up in grave circumstances. How the story of the upcoming Fargo Season 5 might connect to the previous storylines is anybody’s guess at the moment, as there is only so much that we know about the plot so far. Revealing what little we do know is how we will start our breakdown of what to expect from the hit crime drama’s next installment.

Ewan McGregor on Fargo

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Fargo Season 5 Will Be Set In 2019

The debut season of Fargo followed an insurance salesman’s destructive path after meeting a violent hitman in 2006, and Season 2 - in which a couple attempt to hide a fatal hit and run - was a prequel taking place in the late 1970s. The third installment, starring Ewan McGregor as two brothers in a bitter rivalry, fast forwarded a bit later into the 21st Century, and the Chris Rock-led Season 4 is a mafia noir set in early 1950s Missouri. Fargo Season 5 is going to be the most modern tale yet.

On February 17, 2022, FX issued a press release confirming the development of a fifth season that will take place in the year 2019 - which is certainly recent, but feels pretty nostalgic after subsequent events, doesn’t it? The plot was also vaguely teased in the form of the question, “when is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?” - inspiring comparisons to the plot of the original Fargo movie, which has also been confirmed as canon to the show. Could these similarities mean that Fargo Season 5 is incorporating an even more a concrete connection to the film that inspired it that could bring the series full circle and, ultimately, to a close?

Carrie Coon on Fargo

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Fargo Season 5 Has Not Been Confirmed As The Final Installment

Aw Jeez. Ya think ya might jumpin’ to conclusions there? There is nothing in FX’s aforementioned press release that confirms Fargo Season 5 as the series’ curtain call, but a proper way to end the show has been on developer Noah Hawley’s mind. In July 2021, before the new season was announced, Vanity Fair asked him if the next installment was in the works, and he had this to say:

Yeah, I think so. I don’t have it yet. I have pieces that will have to survive. They’re not connected. I think it would be good to create an ending, and deliberately come to something, knowing it’s the last one and see how one might wrap up this anthology.

It seems as if Hawley was still mapping out the plot of Fargo Season 5 at that time and was tinkering with the idea of giving it a finale that would end the series on a high note. If that turns out to be case, at least it is comforting to know that the man responsible for bringing it to television is involved.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons on Fargo

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Noah Hawley Returns As Showrunner For Fargo Season 5

As FX’s press release confirms, Noah Hawley is returning to lead the creative team behind Fargo Season 5. The series developer, who has also written and directed a number of episodes himself, previously earned an Emmy in 2014 when the first season won the award for Best Miniseries that year.

Hawley began his career as a writer for the Fox procedural, Bones, before creating two short-lived ABC dramedies - The Unusuals in 2009 and My Generation the following year - before finding success developing Fargo for FX. The network was also home to his acclaimed, X-Men-inspired series, Legion, which he ended in 2019 - the same year he made his feature-length directorial debut with Lucy in the Sky. Hawley is currently working another series based on a classic movie - a prequel to Alien - for FX.

Two of the main characters of Season 1 of Fargo.

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Warren Littlefield Returns As Executive Producer, And Steve Stark Joins For Fargo Season 5 

Also returning to his executive producer position for Fargo Season 5 is Warren Littlefield of The Littlefield Company, which has also backed acclaimed hit series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Dopesick on Hulu. Littlefield also served as the President of NBC from 1991 to 1998, during which time he oversaw the creation of many memorable titles ranging from Friends to ER.

Also sharing an executive producer credit is Steve Stark - the former president of MGM/UA Television who has produced the likes of NBC’s Medium and, for Netflix, Vikings: Valhalla and director Tim Burton’s upcoming Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega. In 2021, he launched his own production company, Toluca Pictures, through which he will be involved with Fargo Season 5.

fargo frances mcdormand

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Joel & Ethan Coen Also Executive Produce Fargo Season 5

Of course, what would Fargo be without the involvement of the brothers who started it all with the Oscar-winning film that helped continue their Hollywood track record? Also credited as executive producers since the series began in 2014 are Joel and Ethan Coen, despite not have any creative control in the story - or creative interest in the series’ episodic structure either, apparently, as Joel would reveal to Radio Times in 2016.

The duo behind several other classics - including 1987’s Raising Arizona and the cult favorite, The Big Lebowski, from 1998 - would achieve Oscar glory once more for directing, adapting, and producing No Country for Old Men in 2008. More recently, Joel - the elder Coen Brother - went solo to direct his Apple TV+ exclusive William Shakespeare adaptation, The Tragedy of Macbeth, starring Denzel Washington in the title role and Joel’s wife, Frances McDormand, as Lady Macbeth.

Clearly, there is plenty more to be revealed about Fargo Season 5, which we will be sure to keep you updated on as more information comes light. However, just like the series itself, is it not the mystery that keeps you intrigued? Ya, you betcha!

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