Former Outlander Star Trolls Sam Heughan's New Look At Jamie

Every Outlander fan under the sun knows that we’ve been waiting a loooong time for Season 6, and will have to continue waiting at least a few months longer. So, whenever we get word of literally anything from the new season, it’s a great day. Well, star Sam Heughan recently posted a brand new look of himself in character as Jamie for Season 6, and one former Outlander star hilariously trolled Heughan over it.

From the brief teaser we’ve gotten from Outlander Season 6, it promises to have all of the dramatic twists, stunning revelations, action and at least some of the seriously sexy love scenes that audiences have come to know and love the hit for. But, after Sam Heughan took to Twitter to post a new look at Jamie in the upcoming set of episodes, former Outlander star Steven Cree reposted the photo with some trolling commentary. Take a look!

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Ooooh! Burn! While I think that most Outlander viewers who have enjoyed seeing Heughan portray James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (or JAMMF, for short) would probably agree that this look is more smoldering than “pensive,” as he noted, they would also likely say that this photo shows Jamie looking pensive far more than it shows him looking “constipated,” as Cree said. I mean, goodness, if this is as pained as Jamie / Sam look when nature has failed to complete its’s actually pretty damn good.

For those who are unaware, Steven Cree appeared on Outlander here and there from Season 1 through Season 4, after which the action of the series fully moved over to the American colonies, and left his Ian Murray (husband to Jamie’s no-nonsense sister, Jenny, and dad to Young Ian) back in Scotland. It would seem that even though fans have been without any Ian sightings for a whole season, that Cree and Heughan are still on good enough terms for him to poke fun at him trying to look as serious as possible, which is actually not an unusual occurrence for this cast.

Of course, we’ve been treated to a lot of different looks from Jamie over the years, and with things about to get even more tense for everyone’s favorite Scottish clan up on Fraser’s Ridge, I suppose it wouldn’t be impossible for that to cause a man of his word like Jamie some intestinal distress. 

He and Claire have done an amazing job setting themselves, and many family and friends, up in the colonies, and under some frequently troubling circumstances. The new season will see even more people come to the Ridge, including the Christie family, who will cause the locale to see some real problems from within, as opposed to just from outside forces.

Basically, I think all of us are glad to get this relatively peaceful look at Jamie before the real shit starts to hit the fan when Outlander returns. Things will probably get a lot rougher than Jamie telling Claire that he needs some additional roughage in his diet.

Season 6 of Outlander will be back on Starz at some point in early 2022, until then you can see what else to watch with our 2021 fall TV schedule

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