Jessica Simpson Shares Pic To Close Out Her Vacation And I'm Not Sure If Her Bikini Fitness Or The Sunset Are More Impressive

The end of summer can be the time for vacations and last hurrahs in nice weather, and Jessica Simpson just finished a vacation that looked like a pretty great way to close out August. The singer/actress/author headed to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for a getaway with husband Eric Johnson, and her photo proof just leaves me wondering if I should be more impressed with the sunset background or her bikini fit. 

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share a beautiful sunset on a beach that closed on a trip that she deemed “romantic, sexy and well deserved.” Take a look:

There are actually three things to be impressed about in this pic: the sunset in the background, the fact that Jessica Simpson is adventuring on the sandy beach in high heels, and her level of fitness not too long after she opened up about celebrating her body after losing 100 pounds. It’s also clear from her caption that she’s leaving refreshed from her trip with “a lot of extra passion.” 

This is just one of the latest photos that Simpson has posted to show that she’s happy in her own skin, which wasn’t always the case. She shared another rocking bathing suit photo when she was preparing to turn 40, and hasn’t been afraid to show off her funny side on Instagram as well as the yoga and bikini pics

When she turned 42 earlier in the summer, she shared a message on social media about feeling pride for her “faith, resilience, and strength over the last 4 decades.” She shared that she is “humbled and honored to finally be my own best friend” and that she knows her purpose. 

She has also opened up about some of the more difficult times in her life, including when she confronted the woman who sexually abused her as a child. Simpson provided some insight into how she felt when her ex-husband Nick Lachey (now married to NCIS: Hawai’i star Vanessa Lachey) moved on so quickly after their divorce

Not long ago, she settled the question of whether she’d want to return to reality TV after her time on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which aired on MTV from 2003-2005. For fans, it’s been nice to see that she’s been so open, both with what she has said and what she’s willing to show of her life on social media, including vacation pics. 

Jessica Simpson showed off another bikini photo just a day later, once again wearing heels that I know I wouldn’t even try to walk in anywhere close to the beach. She even added more accessories:

So, if you thought her vacation photo was more monokini than bikini, she shared another that’s more definitively in two pieces. Congratulations to Jessica Simpson on having what was clearly a pretty great vacation, complete with showing off the body that she worked hard for and a beautiful sunset in the background. 

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