John Stamos Gets Honest About Whether He’d Do Another Full House Spinoff Without Bob Saget

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Since the conclusion of Fuller House, fans have been clamoring for another sequel series to the original Full House. That speaks volumes to the series’ legacy, especially with the classic sitcom celebrating its 35th anniversary. While most of the cast still gets bombarded with questions, one of the sequel series' executive producers and stars John Stamos might have more insight into the possibility. The only major hitch in another Full House return would be the absence of Bob Saget aka Danny Tanner. Devoted fans might get their hopes dashed as Stamos got honest about whether he’d do another spinoff series without the late Saget.

Losing the comedian early this year put talks of another Full House reboot into limbo. That didn’t stop fans from asking the cast if they’d do it without Saget though. While other cast members might be open to the idea, Stamos was more on the fence about doing another sequel series. The Big Shots star opened up to E! News about why moving on without Saget isn’t an option for him right now.

It's just not the same without him. There's something missing, there's a piece missing. We're doing a lot of tributes. I did that Netflix tribute [June's Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute], which was beautiful, I thought. Every chance I get, I talk about him. If we're real quiet, we could hear him complaining right now that I don't talk about him enough. We'll continue to do tributes to him, but I don't know about a Full House one, though.

Doing another Full House spinoff without the TV dad would leave a hole in the Tanner family. Saget did serve as Stamos’ biggest champion when the latter wanted to make the spinoff series. So, creating another sequel series may not sit well with the Uncle Jesse actor. Like most of the cast, Stamos had been paying tribute to his late friend since his death, including his gig at a Beach Boys concert. His sweet mix-up at TV niece Jodie Sweetin’s wedding was a notable example of Saget still being a part of the Full House family.

Another sequel series could be a possibility as the Full House and Fuller House casts have remained close since the Netflix series ended. It would be nice to see how the Tanners and Fullers come together again. Maybe they could pay tribute to him in some way or acknowledge his passing. Only time will tell if a Fuller House spinoff could happen.

If you want to see Bob Saget’s best Full House moments, you can watch the ABC sitcom with an HBO Max subscription. Once you’re done with the original series, get a Netflix subscription to watch granddad Danny Tanner on Fuller House.  

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