Kim Kardashian Has Addressed Kanye West’s Instagram Comments In New Court Docs And Is Clear With What She Wants Next

In the continued saga of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s public split, Kardashian is currently working to be declared legally single from her rapper husband of over seven years. The most recent development comes from court documents from Kardashian’s side of the fence, where the reality star is addressing West’s viral Instagram comments. 

In court documents from Kim Kardashian obtained by TMZ, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared that her husband’s social media posts are hurting her emotionally when she had every intention to keep their legal separation private. In the statement she said: 

I very much desire to be divorced.

Kanye West has taken to social media on multiple occasions to disclose details about the couple’s affairs, including the rapper criticizing their daughter North’s use of TikTok along with claiming he wasn’t invited to their other daughter Chicago’s birthday party. As the documents continued: 

Kanye has been putting a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media which has created emotional distress.

In the documents, Kardashian reportedly says that she wishes her marriage with the father of her four children could have succeeded, but she has “come to the realization” that there is “no way to repair” their marriage. She claimed that Kanye West on the other hand “does not agree,” but at least “appears” to have come to the conclusion that she wants to end things. 

Kardashian shared that she wants to be declared legally single so she and her family can “begin the healing process” and “move forward in this new chapter in our lives.” 

Among the other accusations Kanye West has claimed Kim Kardashian is kidnapping daughter Chicago and says she implicated that he ordered a hit on her. Additionally, Kanye has asked to prevent his wife from transferring assets out of any trust. 

Kardashian has responded by sharing that they have a prenup, which keeps their trusts and other assets separate, making these claims invalid. And West’s lawyers have acknowledged their prenup prevents this as well. In October 2021, West’s lawyers wrote to Kardashian’s representatives sharing that they “face challenges in communicating with our client” and “the validity of the prenup.” 

This week, Kim Kardashian reportedly unfollowed Kanye West on Instagram following his comments. A few days ago, Kanye West responded to her moves to be declared legally single by rejecting it, saying that it could lead to “adverse consequences” due to the couple still needing to work out custody agreements, property and support issues first. It’d be especially true if one of the parties were to pass away. 

Kim Kardashian first filed for divorce from Kanye West back in February 2021 and asked for joint physical custody of their children. Perhaps, this will be a discussion on the upcoming Keeping Up With The Kardashians series, which you’ll be able to see with a Hulu subscription this spring. 

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