Kanye West Has Responded To Kim Kardashian’s Request To Be Declared Legally Single

Despite several public pleas from her ex-husband, in which he called for reconciliations, Kim Kardashian took the next official step to be declared legally single back in December. She filed documents in court, in other words, to have custody and property issues settled separately from marital status. Reportedly, the reality star filed the paperwork to make a firm statement toward Kanye West, who was dating a 22-year-old model at the time and of late has been romancing actress Julia Fox. Now, the rapper is responding to the request.

Kanye West Makes His Own Big Statement In Court

Kim Kardashian's efforts to be considered legally single in the midst of her ex’s supposed stalling might just set a new legal precedent, according to one high-profile attorney tracking the case. However, Kanye West is objecting to the maneuver entirely, per court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight. His lawyers stipulated that the motion over marital status could lead to “adverse consequences.” Namely, they say if a party remarries due to single status, it could potentially create obstacles for gathering evidence to resolve their ongoing custody/property/support issues. They also added that it would be “especially true” if the said-party passed away suddenly.

The Grammy winner evidently made some stipulations of his own as well. His lawyer requested that Kim Kardashian agree to a “right of reimbursement,” so that money would still be owed even if one of them passed away – a condition that Kardashian's legal team supposedly deemed “unnecessary”, because of their premarital agreement. Most importantly, though, Kanye West wants his ex-wife to waive marital privilege until custody and property issues get worked out, along with spousal privilege for any potential new husband of hers.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Troubles Have Been Ongoing For Some Time

Prior to this new information, the former couple have been going back and forth in the press about what progress is or isn't being made in their divorce. For weeks, when he still seemed to be trying to woo Kim Kardashian back, the Grammy winner would frequently claim that he had never even seen any of the divorce paperwork. But then problems started to arise concerning boundaries with visitation (with one situation involving a party invite) and how their four kids were being raised. As a result, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star admonished her ex’s behavior on social media for the first time and claimed that he had been through three different lawyers in the past year.

The tense situation has sparked surprising avenues of other drama. Lately, Ye has called out several major celebs in his declaration of “civil war.” Not long after, all the Kardashians would incite an unfollow spree against the rapper on social media.

Technically, Kim Kardashian is already living the single life, given how she's been mingling with new beau Pete Davidson. She's claiming that she's dedicating her 40s to being “Team Me,” too. Unfortunately, it looks like that prospect might be hindered slightly, especially since her problems with Kanye West are seemingly far from over.

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