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Kim Kardashian May Not Be So Happy Over Kanye West’s Co-Parenting Comments In Upcoming Interview

screenshots of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
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The divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been slightly unconventional in a myriad of ways. For instance, Kardashian donned a wedding dress for her ex’s Donda album listening party. West, for his part, would later make several public appeals to win her affections back and even moved into a house in the neighborhood to be near the family. However, in an upcoming interview, the rapper gets candid about the state of their co-parenting efforts during the divorce – and Kardashian apparently isn't too happy about the situation.

Kanye West’s full interview with Hollywood Unlocked hasn’t completely dropped, but the teasers are sharing a lot in the meantime. In one bit of the discussion, West condemned the hoopla over his new house, revealing that he did so only because his own father wouldn't move to Chicago after his parents divorced. He said his four kids are his “solace,” but he complained to Jason Lee (per Entertainment Tonight) that Kim Kardashian’s security stopped him from going in her house with their daughter, North, because those rules weren't “defined.” West also hinted that Kardashian's “new boyfriend” was in the home at the time.

The Grammy winner evidently makes a whole slew of other commentary in the interview, including calling the reality TV star his “baby mama” and implying that how they raise their children will change in the future. But according to a source for People, some of his claims about what’s going on are “false” and the whole thing is "upsetting" to his soon-to-be-ex. They stated:

Kim wants the children to have a strong relationship with both parents and for him to respect the boundaries and structure she has put in place for them to have some predictability and consistency with their schedule.

Another source for Page Six claimed that Kim Kardashian was in fact “saddened” by her ex-husband not keeping their co-parenting affairs “private.” According to them, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum asked the musician to not show up “unannounced” and to have “better communication” so their kids will have more stability amidst the divorce.

Along with Kanye West's latest interview, the rapper has also spoken his piece in a new song. In it, he took a shot at Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Pete Davidson and also made digs at how the two differ in parenting styles. Technically, though, the former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star initially fired some shade at her ex when she hosted Saturday Night Live last October.

Kanye West has supposedly moved on from any hope of getting Kim Kardashian back anyway. He has been seen lavishing attention on actress Julia Fox, who in turn has been candid about their own relationship’s dynamics. Reports suggested that Kardashian might have been okay with the new woman in their lives, so long as it helped them co-parent more easily. Which doesn't appear the case, judging by the upcoming interview.

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