Shaq Weighs In On Kanye West Moving Next Door To Kim Kardashian

In the middle of a semi-contentious divorce, Kanye West has made significant efforts to win his wife Kim Kardashian back, to include telling the world what he did wrong. Yet, it has been somewhat confusing because the two have seemingly already started to date other people. The rapper has also reportedly bought the house across the street from Kardashian and their four kids, further adding to the confusion on the exact status of their relationship. The curious next-door situation has even had ex-NBA player Shaquille O’Neil surprisingly weighing in with a take.

On a recent Big Podcast with Shaq episode, the former Lakers center and his co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Spice Adams were actually having a good laugh about it all. Turner remarked that it might typically be considered very “evolved” and “adult” to co-parent as next door neighbors with one’s ex, as the Kanye West reports suggest is the intent of his house move. But really, she thinks the Grammy winner (who is currently under a legal investigation) is being a “Petty LaBelle.” Shaq likewise made a pointed joke about the now-debunked rumors circulating (per HITC) that Kanye West camouflaged himself and hid in Kardashian's bushes, saying,

His motive was to have some nice trees in the yard, so he cut off a couple limbs and he made a tree suit.

Shaq and Spice Adams both echoed Nischelle Turner’s sentiments about what the move actually means for the rapper. Namely, the former Entertainment Tonight correspondent suggested that Kanye West’s change of address is futile if he’s really just hoping to rekindle his romance with Kim Kardashian. She commented,

Can I just say something? When your woman is being publicly seen with another man, it’s over for you bro. This is a public service announcement to Kanye. When your lady is holding hands, gallivanting, in the Bahamas with another man, it’s over. It’s done. She’s not coming back.

The podcast group – in the hilariously named “Big Shaqstradamus” episode – continued to laugh about Kanye West’s rather odd relationship dynamics of late. Specifically, West’s date night/photoshoot with new flame Julia Fox was considered “wild,” with Shaq himself adding that he “didn’t like” how that “photoshoot” was “set up.” (Kim Kardashian, for her part, is totally fine with it.)

The trio also referenced the rapper’s previous serenade to Kim Kardashian and her new beau Pete Davidson, with Spice Adams saying that there would likely be a “fight in Hidden Hills.” Hidden Hills is the notorious mansion that the former couple built together and that Kardashian is actually facing some legal drama over concerning a neighbor. (Not to be confused with West, though.)

While Kanye West and his reality star ex-wife still might have some struggles to overcome, Myles O'Neill is following in his father's footsteps – as a reality TV star. Shaq's son and seven other famous offspring make up the cast of the recently premiered Relatively Famous on Hulu. The show is being sold as a Bling Empire meets The Simple Life concept.

Shaq, however, might want to consider being careful with jokes about Kanye West’s complicated dynamic with Kim Kardashian. West is known to throw himself into a major beef or two.

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