Why Kim Kardashian Allegedly Filed The Paperwork To Become Legally Single During Divorce From Kanye West

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Considering the sometimes tumultuous nature of the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, I suppose none of us should have expected their split to be a quick or relatively easy thing. But, with the couple mostly remaining on pleasant, supportive terms for the sake of their four children, the past few weeks have seen a lot of changes with the divorcing pair. West has made several public appeals for Kardashian to take him back recently, but she responded by filing court documents to have herself declared legally single. Now, we might know why Kardashian made that particular move, and it appears to have a lot to do with West’s current romantic situation.

What's Being Said About Why Kim Kardashian Wants To Be Legally Single Now?

Just last week, Kim Kardashian decided to make her path forward very clear by filing paperwork to become legally single, as she and Kanye West continue to iron out custody and property issues during their divorce. According to what an anonymous source told Page Six, Kardashian did this because West, supposedly, has his 22-year-old model girlfriend, Vinetria, living with him. The source said:

Kim is making a statement by doubling down that she’s single. She thinks it’s strange that Kanye keeps saying he wants her back, but all the while he’s got the model at his Malibu house.

“Strange,” indeed. Just a few months back, there was hope among many fans of the Kardashian / West coupling that they’d, somehow, be able to find their way back to one another after her divorce filing in February. Kardashian made several appearances to support West as he prepared to release his most recent studio album, Donda, in August, and he was incredibly supportive of her as she hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. 

West has continued to refer to Kardashian as his wife, and began calling for her to come back to him and saying he’d never seen “the paperwork” for the divorce proceedings. But, he was also rumored to have had a brief relationship with model Irina Shayk earlier this year, now moving on to Vinetria, who’s allegedly living with him in Malibu. If someone is publicly saying they want to “save my family,” but living with another woman…Well, I think most of us can see why Kardashian would be less than likely to believe West’s many open pleas for reconciliation.

Of course, while West’s time with Vinetria has been a bit on the lowdown, pretty much everyone in the world knows that Kardashian has been hanging out with SNL’s Pete Davidson since shortly after her hosting gig on the show. They haven’t been as PDA forward as her sister, Kourtney, and her now-fiancé Travis Barker, but have done enough hand-holding, public dining, and so forth to make it clear that they’re enjoying spending time with each other, even if they aren’t officially dating.

Her potential romance with Davidson notwithstanding, Kim Kardashian seems to be done with Kanye West telling anyone who will listen that he wants her back, while possibly not showing that desire with his deeds. There’s clearly a lot to work out in their divorce yet, and all we can do is wait and see what happens once the court has made a decision on Kardashian’s hope to become single once again. 

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