Pete Davidson Changed Up His Instagram Profile, And Fans Are Convinced It's A Shot At Kanye West

Many people seem to be heavily invested in the (essentially one-sided) feud between Kanye West and Pete Davidson. Amid Davidson’s romance with West’s ex, Kim Kardashian, the rapper has taken a number of shots at the Saturday Night Live star, even declaring “Civil War” against him. The comedian has stayed relatively quiet when it comes to both his new relationship and his girlfriend’s estranged hubby. However, the star recently made his return to Instagram, and a key change to his profile has fans convinced he’s taking his own shot at West.

Pete Davidson’s Instagram account went live earlier this month, and the celeb has already amassed 1.9 million followers. What’s even more amazing is that he’s yet to actually post anything. Interestingly though, in the profile section, Davidson did include a YouTube clip from Martin Scorsese’s 1982 black comedy film, The King of Comedy. In it, Robert De Niro, as aspiring comedian Rupert Pupkin, delivers one of the movie’s most iconic pieces of dialogue. Check out the clip down below:

It didn’t take long for those in the comments section of the video to link the clip to the comic’s situation with Ye. Fans of the Suicide Squad star shared messages of support while also commending him for taking – what they perceived as – a jab at the Grammy winner:

  • Stand tall Pete, we’ve always loved YOU!!! Much support and loven the shade…. And reflection in the shades as well! Go Pete Go!!!

Others praised Pete Davidson for his approach to the ongoing situation, with one person calling him “classy” and another referring to him as a “legend.” In short, people are loving the idea of this video being used as shade: 

  • Pete coming in with hella shade and I am here for it. Slay King 👑

On the flip side of things, some are chastising Kanye West for his recent attacks on his ex’s new boyfriend. One person even asserted that the fashion mogul would be wise not to get into a battle of wits with a comedian:

  • You can’t roast a comedian, his whole job is to make fun of any situation with a come back. Go Pete! Boldly go where every man has gone before! 🤣

In early January, it was reported that the “Off the Grid” performer wasn’t “thrilled” with Kim Kardashian’s new relationship. This disdain became even clearer after the musician took a shot at the SNL funnyman in his recent song “Eazy.” While he’s slighted the TV star in a number of other ways, the King of Staten Island alum apparently isn’t phased by the hoopla. Per reports, he allegedly finds the disses to be “hilarious.”

“Better to be king for a night then schmuck for a lifetime” does make for a powerful mantra, so it’s entirely possible that Pete Davidson could simply see this as a statement to live by. Then again, he is a clever talent, so he could have been referring to Kanye West. Regardless of his intentions though, it’ll be interesting to see if (or how) West responds once he learns of the video. 

In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out The King of Comedy, you can stream it with a Hulu subscription. And later, see how Robert De Niro’s performance ranks against his work in other Martin Scorsese movies.

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