Rumors Are Swirling That Tim Allen Might Feel 'Conservative Beliefs' Are Behind Pamela Anderson's Home Improvement Allegations

Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson have been engaged in a bit of a back-and-forth, after the actress said in her recently released memoir Love, Pamela that the comedian flashed his penis at her during their days on Home Improvement. Allen vehemently denied the allegations, responding that he “would never do such a thing.” However, after Anderson doubled down on the claims, sources say The Santa Clauses star thinks politics might be playing a role, and rumor has it he’s told people he's being targeted in Hollywood due to his conservative leanings.

Pamela Anderson played “Tool Time Girl” Lisa for two seasons on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement, which began filming in 1991. Her claims that Tim Allen opened his robe to fully expose himself on the first day of filming allegedly have the actor thinking that people are purportedly trying to get him canceled because of his political beliefs. According to Radar Online

Tim's telling pals he's being piled on because of his conservative beliefs.

The insider further alleges that Tim Allen was already worried about the future of his career before the flashing accusations, alleging that he thought politics played into the cancellation of Last Man Standing. Some fans of the actor believe his conservative beliefs also played a part in his being replaced in the Toy Story franchise, with Chris Evans taking over the role of Buzz Lightyear in last year’s prequel spinoff, Lightyear

There is no real evidence to support those claims — as the movie was billed as the story that inspired Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear toy — but that didn’t keep Allen from voicing his opinion about the film or his Home Improvement co-star Patricia Heaton from speaking out (twice) in Allen’s defense.

Patricia Heaton has also weighed in on the flashing situation, after a clip resurfaced of the leading man lifting the kilt his character was wearing in front of her during a blooper reel that played during an episode’s end credits. While the two situations are not comparable, Pamela Anderson’s allegations certainly gave a new perspective to the outtake; however, Heaton downplayed the moment, saying she was shocked that he lifted his kilt but that he was wearing boxer shorts.

One person who unequivocally believes the Baywatch alum is Ryan White, the director of her new Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, who claimed to not be surprised that Tim Allen and Sylvester Stallone have denied the allegations made in her book. He said Pamela Anderson is honest “to a fault” and that he’d put his money behind anything she said.

She, in fact, doubled down on the flashing story in interviews promoting Love, Pamela, insisting that she held no ill will toward Tim Allen and was sure he didn’t have bad intentions. However, Pamela Anderson said post-#MeToo, she didn’t think he or anyone would have done that.

The Galaxy Quest star, meanwhile, called Pamela Anderson “a good girl,” but tried to discredit her recollection of the events that she alleged to have happened on the set of Home Improvement, saying “everybody at ABC is a little disappointed in her… memory, put it that way.” Only time will tell how this situation progresses in this situation and whether Tim Allen himself makes any comments regarding how his politics play into the matter.

Pamela Anderson’s memoir Love, Pamela is available for purchase now, and you can stream her documentary Pamela, A Love Story with a Netflix subscription. Also be sure to check out what else is coming soon to Netflix

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