Savannah Chrisley Admits To Being Quick To ‘Anger’ About Todd And Julie’s Jail Time, But Explains Why She’s Putting Her Faith In The Appeals Process

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Savannah Chrisley has been open about the anger and pain she’s felt since her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to federal prison on charges of bank fraud. The USA Network reality star has said they were failed by a broken justice system and talked about being mad at God for allowing it to happen. And while that pain is still present, the 25-year-old seems determined to change her perspective, explaining on her podcast why she’s putting her faith in the appeals process.

In the February 1 episode of Unlocked, “Trashbox Tabloids and THE TRUTH,” which Savannah Chrisley said was recorded January 24 — exactly one week after the Chrisley Knows Best stars reported to prison — she admitted to “a lot of anger, a lot of screaming,” and being broken to her core. However, she took back some of the disparaging remarks she’s made against the government and justice system, as the family prepares to appeal Todd and Julie Chrisley’s sentences. She explained:  

There’s a lot of things that come out of my mouth from hurt and anger, and then I sit on it and I’m like, ‘You know, I could have said that a little differently.’ And so I could have said what I said a little differently, and now I am correcting that. Because I do put my faith in this appeals circuit to do the right thing, to review all the evidence, to review the court documents. Because you will see Fourth Amendment violations as clear as day.

Her social media activity seemed to indicate that she was trying to “trust the process,” and Savannah Chrisley confirmed on the podcast that the family would be filing an appeal in mid-February. She listed the reasons that she has hope in the appeal, saying: 

You will see where a Georgia Department of Revenue agent went in and illegally seized a warehouse with a warrant that was never even signed by a judge. You will see an IRS agent lying on the stand. There are so many things that if the public would do their research, go to and access the court documents, the transcripts and read them word for word it would help to broaden your knowledge on this case, on this topic.

Shortly after the Chrisleys were sentenced in November, their lawyer Alex Little said he was “optimistic” about his clients’ attempt to appeal the case. Despite a major setback in the process — in which a judge denied Todd and Julie’s request for bail, as well as their petition to extend their surrender date — Little maintains that he thinks the couple will get a retrial, in large part due to the two issues that Savannah Chrisley spoke about regarding the Georgia Department of Revenue and the IRS.

On the Unlocked podcast, Savannah Chrisley spoke candidly about the days after her parents reported to prison, calling it the "toughest week" of her life. The 25-year-old has taken custody of her 16-year-old brother Grayson and 10-year-old Chloe, who her parents got custody of in 2016. She's also opened up about how hard it’s been to help them process their anger as well as her own. 

She, like her sister Lindsie, spoke about getting to visit Todd Chrisley, who is serving his 12 years in a minimum-security prison in Pensacola, Florida. Meanwhile, Julie Chrisley was transferred to Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky to serve her 7-year term, and details have emerged about her life behind bars, which apparently includes going to church, playing Spades and emailing with her husband. 

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