Savannah Chrisley Claps Back At American Idol's Bobby Bones Over Comments About Todd And Julie Chrisley's Guilt

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Not even a month has passed yet when it comes to the respective prison sentences of reality TV celebs Todd and Julie Chrisley, but life has already become quite the difficult headache for their ever-supportive daughter Savannah Chrisley. The 25-year-old took over custody for teen brother Grayson and niece Chloe, which would be a potential strain for anyone, and she’s also basically serving as the lone mouthpiece for her parents now that they’re no longer able to release new episodes of their podcast. And even beyond speaking up about potential appeals on her own podcast Unlocked, Chrisley is calling out American Idol’s Bobby Bones for his latest comments about her imprisoned parents. 

Before getting to Savannah Chrisley’s response, let’s get into what sparked her to get upset in the first place. 

What Did Bobby Bones Say About Todd And Julie Chrisley? 

During the Feb. 7 episode of The Bobby Bones Show, which featured guests Katelyn Brown and Kane Brown, the topic of the Chrisley family patriarch and matriarch was broached, and the charismatic American Idol mentor shared his thoughts about not necessarily putting his faith into their innocence, saying:

Once somebody is convicted and found guilty, you can kind of go, ‘Well, they are guilty of this.’ . . . [But] if it comes out and turns out they didn't do this, [I will] eat my crow. But there’s really no crow. I just didn’t understand it.

That particular podcast episode also addressed Savannah Chrisley’s prior response to Bones’ take on her parents’ situation. At that time, Bones talked about the facilities where Todd and Julie Chrisley are incarcerated, and how they’re perceived as being quite a bit more polished than average prisons. 

She called him out for laughing “at the expense of others,” to which he said he was poking fun at the buildings themselves. He also pushed back on her “expense” comment, pointing out that Todd Chrisley is currently in jail after being convicted of financial crimes. 

How Did Savannah Chrisley React To Latest Comments?

Savannah Chrisley, who previously admitted she knows that she can be quick to get angry, certainly didn’t take Bobby Bones’ comments lightly. To the point where she not only called him out for what she perceived to be inaccuracies, and invited him to have an in-person chat to clear the dust-kicked air. Here’s how she worded it on Instagram Stories:  

So…@MrBobbyBones - if you’d like to discuss my family and the case then let’s sit down and do it accurately. Yes - BOTH of my parents are incarcerated. That would be one thing that you are correct on. BUT Studies estimate that between 4-6% of people incarcerated in US prisons are actually innocent. If 5% of individuals are actually innocent, that means 1/20 criminal cases result in a wrongful conviction. All I ask is for mutual respect and decency. But for now I will meet you where you came for me. Let’s sit and chat!

I cannot imagine how Bobby Bones will react to this oddball invite, and I also can't imagine he expected that to happen when he was talking about Todd and Julie Chrisley's continued claims of innocence and consistent attempts to have their sentences and convictions appealed. But it's out there now, and the ball is in his court for where things could go next. 

One can only assume Savannah Chrisley will speak up about this on the next episode of her podcast Unlocked, which releases new installments every Tuesday. In this week's ep, she spoke about the constant struggles of trying to raise Grayson and Chloe in her parents' absence. 

New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best are airing Monday nights on USA at 11:00 p.m., while eps from past seasons are available to stream with a Peacock subscription.

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