The Property Brothers Open Up About Celebrities Crying, Including Halle Berry And One Star They Were Surprised About

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A-list celebrities who most people know from TV, music, or movies can be seen as far removed from real life, but sometimes fans get a look at what they're like in real life. This is never more evident than on the Property Brothers spinoff Celebrity IOU, where the Hollywood elite are enlisted by the Scott twins to renovate for someone special to them – and things get pretty emotional. Amidst the currently airing third season of the show, the Property Bros. opened up about the celebs who were reduced to real-life crying, such as Oscar-winner Halle Berry and the one they were really surprised about.

There are in fact several awesome stars slated for Season 3 of Celebrity IOU. Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame will swing a hammer, and John C. Reilly’s “Funky Cabin Makeover” for a buddy is imminent. What we haven't yet seen, though, is crying from the former Catwoman or a major star from the music biz (and American Song Contest co-host). However, Property Brothers’ Drew Scott promised People that both are in store this season. He shared,

As soon as they cry, we cry. We did get tears out of Halle Berry. Actually we got tears out of Snoop [Dogg], which I was very surprised by. A lot of these celebrities are big teddy bears and as soon as push comes to shove, there are waterworks.

Waterworks from Snoop Dogg? Seasoned actress Halle Berry is less of a surprise, but Snoop, but Snoop seems surprising, as Drew Scott noted. We must remember that the Property Brothers have also gotten emotion out of the likes of Brad Pitt and Melissa McCarthy in the past, too. Plus, Snoop has shown as softer side as a TV co-host.

The Scott brothers explained that Halle Berry’s stint on Celebrity IOU entailed making over her fifth-grade teacher’s home in Ohio. What’s more, the actress would apparently juggle regular flights out to Cleveland to be part of things while also filming another project at the same time. (More than likely, Berry was still in the midst of making The Mothership, a sci-fi film coming to Netflix that reportedly wrapped last August.)

Meanwhile, the job that seemingly got Snoop Dogg to tear up was not his new streaming show that is COPS meets America’s Funniest Home Videos. And not his tenure as host on American Song Contest, of which he once candidly said that he hates the rehearsals. It was actually repurposing the garage of his youth football league’s commissioner on Celebrity IOU, says the brothers.

Jonathan Scott also reminisced on Tiffany Haddish becoming another victim of the show’s tear fest. Scott reflected that the Like A Boss star often uses comedy to ease tension in the room, but they know by now when emotions are rising. Haddish was seen helping out her best friend of 20 years in the Season 3 premiere of Celebrity IOU and, according to the Property Bros, “it just gets to you.” Scott continued,

That's the whole thing that we love about Celebrity IOU. It just doesn't feel like work. It's having a good time and giving back to people and we cry a lot. Tears of joy.

Tears of joy, a.k.a. Drew Scott’s expected reaction when his baby with wife Linda is born shortly. Or as he put it, “I will be crying like a mess.” And so will I – when I see the flashback pics of a young Halle Berry and Snoop Dogg. Check out new episodes of Celebrity IOU with the Property Brothers on HGTV on Mondays at 9 p.m., on the 2022 TV schedule (or streaming same day with a Discovery+ subscription).

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