The Resident: Devon Prepares To Say Goodbye To Chastain When Intense New Case Arrives In New Season 5 Finale Clip

The fifth season of The Resident is coming to an end, and the future of one major character heading into the sixth is currently uncertain. The once rock-solid relationship between Devon and Leela fell apart due to a disagreement over having children, and a job offer in Baltimore could be the ideal way for him to move on by moving away from Chastain. In a new clip from the Season 5 finale on May 17 (seen above), Devon is preparing to say goodbye, but Irving and Nurse Hundley give him some grief before an intense new case arrives to interrupt. 

Based on this episode clip, it’s clear that the Season 5 finale has much more in store in addition to the return of Emily VanCamp as Nic for some flashbacks that will deliver some closure for Conrad as he looks to move forward in his life and relationships. Whether or not this episode will be Manish Dayal’s departure as Devon remains to be seen, but even the snippet of the case with the pregnant woman is a reminder that his move into more of a research position didn’t come at the cost of his skills in the fast-paced emergency room. 

Fans of the Devon/Leela relationship undoubtedly agree with Irving that he should talk to her and “fix this” instead of running off to Baltimore, and his response of “I wish I could” indicates that there’s hope. Still, compromising on whether or not to have children can’t be easy when the decision would completely change their future, and something might have to give for one of them if he stays at Chastain to give their relationship another chance. 

The team in Baltimore certainly gave him a powerful motivation to leave, career-wise, but he admitted that he’s going to miss Irving and Nurse Hundley, and it seems that leaving wasn’t an easy decision for him. Can something happen in the finale to change his mind and bring him back for Season 6? Co-showrunner Andrew Chapman did share with CinemaBlend that the Season 5 finale will deliver “closure in certain relationships” and “moving on” in others, with plans in place for the sixth season even before the renewal was guaranteed. 

The closure that fans can count on is coming for Conrad thanks to his flashbacks to time he spent with Nic before her tragic death early in Season 5 (which you can revisit streaming with a Hulu subscription), and the show has already set up a couple of potential love interests for whenever he’s ready to move on. Billie has been in his life for years, and clearly remained close to him and Gigi throughout the time jump before developing feelings for him. Then there’s Cade, a newcomer who formed a quick and exciting bond with Conrad, but without the history of Billie and her own complications now that her dad is in the mix

Hopefully The Resident has time to deliver some closure for Devon and Leela as well, whether or not he takes the job and moves to Baltimore. Find out with the Season 5 finale of the medical drama on Tuesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. For more important dates in the coming days and weeks, be sure to check out our spring TV finale schedule

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