Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney Addresses Co-Star's Hints About Having To Choose Sides In Her Divorce From Tom Schwartz

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The longest-running relationship ever seen on the likes of Vanderpump Rules, at 12 years strong, has come to a definitive conclusion. Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, who got married in 2019 during the fifth season of the reality series, announced in March that they were divorcing amicably. In their statements at the time, the two made it very clear that their close-knit friend group wouldn’t have to choose sides between them because of the split, but apparently, one of their Bravo co-stars doesn’t feel that’s really the case. And Maloney has responded to the hints with her own rebuttal.

Vanderpump Rules Star Speaks Out On Katie And Tom Divorce

Surprisingly, the castmate who vocalized the divorce tea was none other than Raquel Leviss, who called off her own engagement to co-star James Kennedy last year. Speaking to Page Six during a Vanderpump Dog Foundation event last weekend, the Vanderpump Rules alum reflected that there is a sense of division happening amongst the friends of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz these days. She said,

I feel like with Tom and Katie, they do expect [people to pick] sides, unfortunately. It has [changed the dynamic], yeah. It seems that way, anyway – even though I’m friends with both of them.

Raquel Leviss added that she doesn’t get the “vibe” of one really pushing for loyalty votes more than the other. Presumably, this means that the pressure to choose is largely unspoken. However, Leviss did say that Scheana Shay (also of Vanderpump Rules fame) feels the opposite and that one of them is indeed more definitive on choosing. (At the time of this writing, Shay hasn’t responded to Leviss’ claim.)

Katie Maloney Denies Making People Choose Sides

A Vanderpump Rules fan account on Instagram reposted the original story on their feed on Wednesday. Not long after, Katie Maloney had her own reaction in the comments section. And if I’m reading the room correctly, it sounds like she’s a little miffed by the insinuation that they’re making friends choose. She wrote,

We literally told them there’s no sides to pick. I have felt that some people have on their own done that for whatever reason but tom and I are still friends so whatever.

Another fan responded to the 35-year-old in the comments, rationalizing that Raquel Leviss and others might feel torn due to “internal pressure” or the media, not necessarily because of anything that she and Tom Schwartz are doing to specifically make them feel that way. They also suggested that Katie Maloney should “rise above it” instead of making throwaway “whatever” jabs. Ultimately, Maloney decided to write the fan back personally with a very point-blank statement: "there’s no reason to [for them] feel torn though, that’s the point."

What We Know So Far About Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Divorce

Following the news of their break-up, though, Katie Maloney did share some insight into what is clearly now a very awkward living situation (i.e. both still inhabiting the same house they bought together). She also revealed that the impetus for the divorce was her not feeling “fulfilled” in the relationship with Tom Schwartz. Apparently, there were some “other things” too, that played into the decision, but she didn’t want to get into whatever they were just yet. Others in the cast suggested that there was no indication that their divorce was on the horizon.

More than likely, the exact circumstances will be unpacked in further detail eventually because Vanderpump Rules has lately been greenlit by Bravo for a Season 10. Who all is involved still hasn’t been confirmed. Nevertheless, we can guess that it’ll be sticky no matter how they slice it due to all the breakups to come about in recent months: Raquel Leviss/James Kennedy, Lala Kent/Randall Emmett, and Katie Maloney/Tom Schwartz.

It makes me wonder if there is a similar pressure to “choose” when it comes to Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy, as Leviss seems to feel there is for her fellow cast members. Catch up on the previous seasons of Vanderpump Rules currently available for streaming with Peacock Premium, and check out our 2022 TV schedule for some upcoming viewing options.

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