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Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Explains Awkward Living Arrangement Situation With Tom Schwartz Amidst Their Breakup

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The death knell sounded for Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s 12-year-long relationship and 2-year marriage this week. Though Bravo viewers witnessed them persevere together on nine seasons of Vanderpump Rules despite various issues, the couple’s breakup announcements suggest that they will be happier apart. In the latest update on their situation, Maloney has explained what their living arrangements are looking like – and it sounds a bit awkward.

The Vanderpump Rules alum took to her You’re Gonna Love Me podcast with a fresh episode called “The Hardest Decision I Ever Made.” As the title and Tom Schwartz’s own account indicate, the forthcoming divorce was apparently at the behest of Katie Maloney. Taking the less shady route than some others, Maloney revealed that their separation has been ongoing for over a month now, but the two are still living together in the L.A. house they purchased in 2019. She said,

It’s been emotional, for sure, but it’s also been in ways peaceful and loving. And you know, the transition is so far going really well. We do still live together in our house and we’re just trying to navigate these steps together. And really work on becoming friends in that sense. Obviously, we have the same friends and trying to hang out in the group together, going through this and not make it awkward for anyone. And not make anyone choose sides, that’s been important to us as well.

Katie Maloney added that, while she and Tom Schwartz are adapting to this new normal, their friends are being “very supportive.” But still, it must be more than a little tricky to live under the same roof, and what, just sleep in different rooms? Divorce isn't always easy though, I suppose, as fellow reality star Kim Kardashian has found out with her own ex.

Speaking on the real reason behind the marital dissolution, Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney was firm that there wasn’t “some crazy fight” that prompted it. In fact, she got very emotional and started crying as she described not feeling “fulfilled” by husband Tom Schwartz. There are evidently “other things” as well that she felt the “weight” of, but Maloney reflected that she won’t want to get into specifics until a later date.

For now, the reality star is making the best of the circumstances. Quite a few of Katie Maloney’s Vanderpump Rules co-stars are in similar boats themselves, so they should all be able to lean on one another. Namely, James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss ended their short-lived engagement last year, and Lala Kent broke up with fiancé Randall Emmett after cheating allegations came to light. Kent in fact is grappling with the discussions she’ll need to have with her 1-year-old daughter in the future about her father.

As for Katie Maloney, she hinted that it’s hard not to think of their good moments as a married couple and second guess, saying, “But you know, when everything else inside of you is burning inside of you, it’s telling you – you deserve more.” If you want to relive earlier days of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, you can find the first eight seasons of Vanderpump Rules streaming with a Peacock subscription and/or a Hulu subscription.

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