When Calls The Heart's Daniel Lissing On Returning As Jack Thornton, And How Lori Loughlin Factored In

Daniel Lissing in When Calls The Heart and Lori Loughlin first look When Hope Calls
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When Daniel Lissing left When Calls The Heart, the move seemed final. Not only did it happen three years ago, but Lissing’s character Jack was –and spoilers if you somehow missed thiskilled off the Hallmark series star in a notable way. Elizabeth Thornton has been dealing with grief and finding new love in the most recent season, but now the show’s spinoff When Hope Calls has premiered a new set of episodes and brought back some old favorites. Daniel Lissing had a small role in Season 2, and it seems that Loughlin may have been the catalyst for the big TV event. 

Speaking in a recent interview, Daniel Lissing spoke out about how he got involved in the new season of When Hope Calls. Formerly a series available on the Hallmark App, WHC headed to GAC Family for Season 2. While Lissing made an appearance in the new set of episodes, he says the decision wasn’t that easy to make, revealing to US Magazine that it was actually Lori Loughlin’s influence that led him to sign on. 

I was hesitant [to do it]. If it wasn’t done the way we did it, I don’t think I would’ve. And also, if I wasn’t asked by Lori Loughlin. Lori called me up and I’ve gotta give credit to her because this is kind of her idea to have this moment in this episode. She called me and she asked me and the idea of working together in her return to television, and the fact that she’s my good mate, I was like, ‘Let’s do it.’

The actor called the return to the franchise “powerful” and “everything it should be,” though he also said it is unlikely that there will be a way to return to the franchise in the future. In Daniel Lissing “A Country Christmas” part had him return in a way that made sense – and again SPOILERS – via a dream that Loughlin’s character Abigail Stanton had. In it, the two connected about Elizabeth Thornton, and Jack said he was “happy” his former love had moved on with Lucas Bouchard (though some fans probably still don’t agree.)

It’s been a saga for Lori Loughlin over the last couple of years, as the then-Hallmark star dealt with charges, court and then a two-month jail stint in the wake of the college admissions scandal. She’s served her time, and is working to rebuild her career. In the interview, Lissing touched base on the “trying time” that his former co-star has gone through, but also noted that he has “gratitude” to be able to work together and play the character one more time. 

It was beautiful. When you work with someone for that many years, you build up a bond — not just on set as actors, but as people. We stayed in touch through a pretty trying time, and it was a really nice moment to come back to work together and just connect with my friend in that way, reprising these characters again that both of us weren’t sure that we’d ever be able to play again. The fact that we got that opportunity was a really special moment for both of us. We had good connection over that and a lot of gratitude to be on set just one more time.

Previously, the actress who plays Jack Thornton’s former partner on the small screen, Erin Krakow, wrote out about Lori Loughlin returning to the When Calls universe. She also seemed excited for the actress to get back to work after the events that played out over the past couple of years, including Hallmark letting the actress go. While Daniel Lissing’s stint may officially be over now, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Loughlin and her acting career.

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