Channing Tatum Spends Time With Man’s Best Friend In First Dog Trailer And Cue The Awws

2021’s movie calendar is almost spent, and it’s time to look towards what’s headed to theaters in 2022. One of the movies we’re able to look forward to in that timeframe is Channing Tatum’s dramedy Dog, which pairs the hunky movie star with a canine companion ready to make some trouble. It’s not all destroying car seats and running off the leash though, as Tatum spends time with “man’s best friend” in the film’s first trailer, and it’s time to cue the awws. 

Telling the story of a former Army Ranger (Channing Tatum) who needs to make good, the trailer released by MGM also has a serious side. Our protagonist, Briggs, needs to get his passenger, a Belgian Malinois named Lulu, to the funeral for her fallen human. Which means it’s road trip time for this odd couple, and it’s not very smooth sailing at the beginning of it all. 

Dog also marks its territory in Channing Tatum’s resume as his first time directing a film. Credited as co-director with the film’s co-writer Reid Carolin, Tatum has sunk his teeth into a new talent. This first look definitely feels like it’s showing the world that he’s wanted to do this for a while, as the results are polished, and absolutely adorable. 

What stands out in this first look is the balance of tone that’s struck in what’s being shown. Channing Tatum gets to be his goofy, lovable self, and it plays like it always does. This time, it’s paired with both the seemingly tragic past of his character Briggs, as well as the animal hijinks that he gets into with Lulu. Neither piece of the story seems to give way to the other, naturally allowing this trailer to charm the audience, while selling the rest of the film. 

The dog action in Dog has the potential to be absolutely bonkers as well, especially thanks to Lulu’s breed. For you sharp eyed dog lovers out there, that is the same breed that Halle Berry helped train for action in John Wick 3: Parabellum. Known as a breed of herding dog, they’re ever active, and ready to lead rather than follow; which is exactly where the shenanigans are going to originate for Channing Tatum’s Briggs. Plus, while we don’t know for sure, we’re betting heavily that this is one of those movies where the dog doesn’t die; and that's always a plus.

Animal-based movies tend to skew in either the direction of being too funny or too serious/depressing. The first impression that Dog gives to its audience is that it lands in that rarified sweet spot between those moods. If it ends up being successful, audiences should be laughing as much as they cry, and maybe Channing Tatum will find himself directing again in the near future. Which could also lead to Tatum’s dog Rooklin getting another four-legged sibling to celebrate with.

Moviegoers can sit and stay with Channing Tatum and his Belgian Malinois co-star in theaters, when Dog is released on February 18, 2022. If you want to see this trailer at the movies, chances are it’ll be attached to MGM’s big Thanksgiving release of House of Gucci; though that’s not a guarantee. The only sure bets we can speak to at this moment are what films remain on the 2021 release schedule, and even then there might be a few surprises.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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