Ghosted Trailer Sees Ana de Armas Use Those James Bond Skills While Reuniting With Chris Evans Onscreen

Since Chris Evans and Ana de Armas first teamed up on Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunnit Knives Out, they've been a team that feels like a natural fit. So bringing them back together for the 2023 new movie release Ghosted was going to be an event to watch out for from the moment it was announced. But after watching de Armas using those James Bond action skills she’s been honing yet again, while also allowing Evans to play towards broad comic farce, this definitely seems like a reunion worth celebrating. 

Oh, and this happens to be a romantic comedy, as well as a spy movie. That's one of 6 things we now know about Ghosted. We’ve seen those genres mix before, but with Apple’s first trailer for director Dexter Fletcher’s entry into the canon, it’s looking pretty fresh. Part of that is the fun concept that puts Chris Evans’ lovesick protagonist Cole in the middle of some intense-looking action, which only happens because of that traditional rom-com showstopper: a grand gesture of romance!

Unfortunately for Cole, following the lovely Sadie (Ana de Armas) all the way to London is a little more hazardous than he could have ever imagined. This leads to a lot more guns than roses in Ghosted’s romantic comedy. Lucky for the audience, this fast-paced mission looks like it’s easy to love, no matter which genre you appreciate more.

This marks the third time that Chris Evans and Ana de Armas have crossed professional paths, with the second project being Netflix’s own spy adventure, The Gray Man. Ghosted’s espionage playing field is way different from the Mark Greaney-inspired action rampage, as things are more lighthearted in this sandbox. Though there are still plenty of witty barbs flying in the air, Evans is especially different this time out. 

With plenty of romantic comedies under his belt from his early career, Evans is yet again playing the stereotypical lead who is so in love, they’d do anything. Meanwhile, de Armas’ Sadie is a no-nonsense action hero who doesn’t mind reminding her would-be suitor that he got himself into this mess. It's a mess that’s got a mess of talent thanks to Ghosted’s impressive all-star cast

An amazing array of actors pop up in this initial footage, with comedy all-star and The Mandolorian cast member Amy Sedaris and Rocketman’s Tate Donovan playing the encouraging parents to Chris Evans and his romantic intentions. Plus, another Rian Johnson alum who shows up is Adrien Brody, who most recently teamed up with the writer/director as part of the cast of Poker Face, Peacock’s recent streaming mystery hit. 

Casting is key when it comes to mixing tones like Ghosted does, and watching Chris Evans and Ana de Armas reunited yet again feels like a grand gesture of romance to the world of moviegoers. It’s almost enough to make us sad that they won’t be reteaming as planned for Project Artemis, though there is a bright side to keep in mind. 

After three movies and tons of buzzy social media moments together, the Evans/de Armas team looks like they’ve hit their stride. So this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of these two perfectly paired performers on screens big, small and in-between. Of course, that'll depend on who chooses to accept the mission that is Ghosted, which will begin streaming to the world of those with an Apple TV+ subscription on April 21st.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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