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The Big Way Arrested Development Is Changing In Season 5
Arrested Development Season 5 has been percolating at Netflix for years, and it sounds like there may be some big changes on board for the show when it finally hits the streaming service.
Why Criminal Minds Fans Will Be Shocked Later This Season, According To A.J. Cook
Criminal Minds has had a lot of shocking storylines in its time on the air, and this season is no different. But, it sounds like something especially shocking will be coming for our friends at BAU before too long.
How Big Bang Theory Just Made Penny and Leonard's Relationship More Like Sheldon and Amy's
The Big Bang Theory has managed to make Penny and Leonard's love life a lot more like Amy and Sheldon's in a surprising way. Read on to get the details.
How Long Can You Last Through America's Funniest Home Videos' Epic Crotch Shot Supercut?
When presented with a video featuring nothing but crotch shots, how long can you watch before it gets uncomfortable?
This Is Us Just Got A Crazy-Huge Renewal Order
Family drama This Is Us has been a huge success for NBC this season, and now the network has rewarded the show with a massive renewal order.
Lady Gaga Has A Crazy Performance Planned For The Super Bowl Halftime Show
Lady Gaga has always been known for her go-for-broke performance style, and now we know that the singer has something major planned for her halftime performance at the Super Bowl this year.
How Arrow Will Bring Talia Al Ghul Into Season 5
We've known for a couple of months that Arrow will finally bring in the most well-known Al Ghul sister, Talia, for the action in the second half of Season 5. Now, though, we finally know how that's going to happen.
Could Living Single Get A Revival? Here's What Queen Latifah Says
We've all noticed by now that reboots and revivals of popular TV shows from the past have become a major deal on television in recent years. So, what are the chances that Queen Latifah's '90s sitcom Living Single could come back? Well, she has an answer for you.
Will Girl Meets World Get Renewed At Another Network? Here's What The Creator Says
After months of speculation, Girl Meets World was officially canceled last week. Now fans are wondering if there's hope for the show to get a reprieve from another network. Well, the show's creator has an answer for you.
Arrested Development Season 5 Could Be Happening Soon, Here's What We Know
We've literally been waiting years for Arrested Development Season 5 to hit Netflix. Now, though, it looks like we might actually be close to having a new season of the show back on our screens.
American Horror Story Season 7 Already Has Its First Two Stars
American Horror Story Season 7 is finally getting underway, and now we know who the first two stars are to sign on to the new chapter of the creepy series.
How This Is Us Just Answered That Massive Toby Cliffhanger
This is Us left a lot of people in shock with a major cliffhanger in early December. Now, though, we finally know how things turned out for Toby.
Watch Phil Simms Pretend He Didn't Fart During An NFL Wildcard Game Broadcast
Most of us have released a wicked bit of fartosity at one point or another, but how many of you can say you've let one rip on live TV? Well, it seems like CBS football analyst Phil Simms can certainly stake a claim to that bit of fame. Take a look.
Watch Megyn Kelly's Touching Final Farewell To Fox News Viewers
The world of cable news has been going through a big shakeup this week, as it was revealed that Fox News star Megyn Kelly would be leaving the network for NBC News. Well, Kelly did her last stint on FOX News tonight, and she gave a heartfelt goodbye to her viewers.
The 4 Biggest Changes Sleepy Hollow Made After Nicole Beharie's Exit
Ever since Sleepy Hollow made the shocking decision to kill off Abbie Mills, the main character played by Nicole Beharie, we've been hearing about all the changes that would be happening on the show. Now that Season 4 has premiered, we can tell you exactly what the four biggest changes looked like.
How Sheldon's Mom Feels About Him And Amy Living Together
Ever since Sheldon and Amy moved in together on The Big Bang Theory, fans have been wondering what Sheldon's super religious mom, Mary, would think of the cohabitation. Well, we've finally found out.
The Top 10 Porn Searches Of 2016, According To Pornhub
Well, a new year has rolled around, and that means it's time, once again, to see what topped Pornhub's list of searches for 2016. Read on to see if there were any surprises.
Emerald City Review: New Series Takes The Wizard Of Oz Someplace New And You Might Not Be Ready For It
If you're a fan of the original 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz and you're planning to check out NBC's new telling of the story, Emerald City, you should know that you'll be in for something totally different.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice Catchphrase Was Just Revealed, And It's Everything We Hoped
Well, we've been waiting for months to see what catchphrase The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger would use when the show finally came back to NBC. Now we know exactly how he fires people, and it's everything we had hoped for.
When Netflix's The Crown Will Bring In Princess Diana
As a show about the current crop of royals in England, Netflix's The Crown has many fans of the royal family wondering when they can hope to see the show's version of Princess Diana on screen. Well, now we know the answer.
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