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Twin Peaks Actor Warren Frost Dead At 91
Warren Frost, who played Doc Hayward on Twin Peaks, has passed away at the age of 91. Here is everything we currently know.
Big Bang Theory Just Revealed Another One Of Sheldon's Unexpected Secrets
Any fan of The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon is full of mysteries. In the past season or so we've, finally, been privy to the reasoning behind some of his curious behavior, and now another of the character's big secrets has been revealed.
What Happened When Regis Philbin Left Live With Regis And Kelly
Regis Philbin is a legend among talk show hosts, mostly due to his 24 seasons hosting the show that would become Live! with Regis and Kelly by the time he left his duties behind. Now, we know what happened after Philbin quit the gig, and you might be surprised by what he reveals.
Will Archie Be The Next Big TV Franchise?
The CW's Riverdale is doing well with critics and audiences alike. Now, it looks like we might be getting more from the world of Archie Comics. Read on to get the details.
Will Katie Cassidy Return To Arrow? Here's What Marc Guggenheim Says
Now that a version of Laurel Lance has shown up on Arrow again, fans have been wondering if we can expect to see her portrayer, Katie Cassidy, in more future episodes. Well, Arrow's executive producer has an answer for you.
How MTV Hopes To Get Viewers Re-Excited About The Network
MTV used to be the network for young people, but its popularity has waned in recent years. Here's what the network plans to do in order to bring folks back into the fold.
The Awesome Way Fans Can Get New Star Trek: DS9
Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine never got movies to help continue the series, but, now, they can get a glimpse at how the story would have continued for everyone's favorite space station residents. Read on to find out how.
Spike TV Is Getting A Huge Rebrand, But What Happens To Its Programming?
Word came down today that Spike TV is getting in on the recent cable channel rebranding trend soon. But, what does that mean for its current lineup of shows?
Has This Is Us' Miguel Always Had Feelings For Rebecca? Here's What The Actor Says
Everyone who watches This Is Us is wondering if Miguel always had designs on his best friend's wife, and now the actor has weighed in on the controversy.
This Is Us Season 2: What We Know So Far
This Is Us has basically taken the TV world by storm this season, with both critics and audiences responding to its heart-tugging, time-hopping brand of family drama. Now that the show has been renewed for Season 2 and 3, let's take a look at what we can expect from the next season.
Chicago Fire Just Tapped A West Wing Vet For A Big Three-Show Crossover
NBC's Chicago shows are becoming almost as well known for their multi-episode crossovers as for their dramatic twists. Now, a fondly remembered West Wing vet is joining in for the next major crossover event.
How To Watch Super Bowl LI Streaming
Well, it's that time of year again, sports fans (and fans of wild commercials and halftime shows). The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and we've got all the info you need if you're looking to stream the game this Sunday.
One Possible Grey's Anatomy Hook-Up Has Fans In Flames On Twitter
ABC's Grey's Anatomy has always been a hotbed of hookups that would have fans saying yay or nay to new couples and their nookie-making ways. Well, it's possible that we have a new Grey's couple on our hands, and Twitter lost its damn mind over it this week.
Hulu's Please Like Me Is Ending After Season 4
Fans of Hulu's dramedy Please Like Me are in for some bad news, as the show is ending after Season 4. Read on to get the details.
Hawaii Five-0 Is Getting A Crossover With Another CBS Drama
If you love CBS shows, you're about to get the joy of two shows in one episode. Hawaii Five-0 is going to crossover with another of the network's series.
Could Megyn Kelly Have An Even Bigger Role On Today Than Expected? Here's The Latest
Well, it looks like Megyn Kelly's move to NBC might be causing even more shake ups. A new report is suggesting that her proposed role on Today might actually be even larger than originally thought.
How This Is Us Finally Made Me Cry
This Is Us has clearly become a major breakout hit for NBC this season, and people love all it's heart-tugging, tear-jerking earnestness. In fact, I know several people who actually brag about how much they cry during the episodes, but the show has never gotten to me like that. Until now, that is.
The Coen Brothers Directed A Super Bowl Commercial, And It's The Coolest Thing Ever
The Coen Brothers are widely considered two of our foremost filmmakers today, so if they set out to make a commercial, you know it's going to be something special. Well, the duo made a Super Bowl commercial, and it's pretty damn cool. Check it out.
Two Big Crossovers Are Coming To Legends Of Tomorrow
By now we all know that The CW's DC shows love crossing over with each other. Along with the major crossover event that happened earlier this season, it looks like we'll be getting a couple of mini crossovers on Legends of Tomorrow in the latter half of the season.
Ultimate Beastmaster Trailer: Netflix's New Obstacle Course Show Looks Nuts
Netflix has finally gotten in on the reality show competition game, and its first show in the genre, Ultimate Beastmaster, looks absolutely nuts. Take a look.
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