Humble Indie Bundle 9 Includes Fez, Brutal Legend image
The ninth Humble Indie Bundle is now on sale for PC, Mac and Linux. Humble Indie Bundle 9 gives you several games from independent developers for whatever price you want to pay.
Pete Haas 2013-09-11
Humble Double Fine Bundle Includes Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, And Their Next Adventure Game image
The latest Humble Indie Bundle offers a collection of games from Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine Productions. The Humble Double Fine Bundle is now on sale for whatever price you want to pay.
Pete Haas 2013-05-07
Brutal Legend Coming To PC, Multiplayer Beta Launches image
Double Fine Productions' heavy metal adventure Brutal Legend will be making its way to the PC soon. If you pre-purchase the game, you can start playing the beta version right away.
Pete Haas 2013-02-13
Brutal Legend Dev: Publishers Are Afraid Of New IP image
Tim Schafer has carved himself out a nice little niche in the gaming circles as a guy who carves himself out a nice little non-classifiable niche in the gaming market. Schafer's games have all become renown for being unique, and infamous for being poor blockbuster releases. Well, the Schafmaster is at it again, this time he talks about why publishers are so afraid of new IP.
William Usher 2012-02-07
Editorial: Activision CEO Complains About Company Bashing, Even Though They Deserve It image
In a recent interview Activision's CEO Eric Hirshberg thinks the community is misinterpreting what Activision is about and there are plans to reverse the perception the community has on the company.
William Usher 2010-12-15
Tim Schafer Explains Why There Aren't Many Funny Games image
Space marines are much more common in video games than wacky characters like talking skulls or magic-wielding guitarists. Brutal Legend designer Tim Schafer says the reason behind this is financial.
Pete Haas 2010-07-14
Brutal Legend Now $20 Cheaper image
If you didn't pick up Brutal Legend when it first hit stores - and the NPD figures suggest there's a lot of you that didn't - you've got a good opportunity to do it today. The game's on sale for $39.99 for the next 24 hours.
Pete Haas 2010-01-18
Naughty Dog, Double Fine To Present At GDC 2010 image
Today the Game Developers Conference organizers announced some of the lectures that will be held at GDC 2010. Uncharted developer Naughty Dog and Brutal Legend studio Double Fine Productions are among the companies slated to give presentations.
Pete Haas 2009-12-12
Brutal Legend: Hammer Of Infinite Fate DLC Announced image
Double Fine doesn't just want to make more downloadable content for Brutal Legend - they've actually done it. Today they announced Hammer of Infinite Fate, the game's second DLC pack.
Pete Haas 2009-12-09
Double Fine Wants More Brutal Legend DLC image
In the first week of November, Brutal Legend received its first DLC, a multiplayer map pack called "Tears of the Hextadon." If Double Fine has their druthers, more content will be released for the game in the future.
Pete Haas 2009-12-05
Brutal Legend Tears of the Hextadon DLC Announced image
Next week, heavy metal adventure Brutal Legend will receive its first downloadable content. The "Tears of the Hextadon" map pack will hit Xbox Live on November 3rd and PSN on November 5th.
Pete Haas 2009-10-27
Review: Brutal Legend image
What do Full Throttle, Psychonauts, and Grim Fandango have in common? They were all designed by Tim Schafer, loved by critics, and not played by you. Schafer's first next-gen project, Brutal Legend, will likely rack up as many accolades as his previous games but I'm still not convinced you're going to play it.
Pete Haas 2009-10-13
Tim Schafer Appears On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon image
Brutal Legend designer Tim Schafer appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday to discuss the upcoming heavy metal action game. He and Jimmy also managed to talk about Hell and Columbia House while they were at it.
Pete Haas 2009-10-04
Weekly Recap Oct. 3rd: Enslaved Announced, Avatar Debate, Alpha Protocol Delayed image
Two editorials for Avatar: The Game, a damage comparison between Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 an announcement by Namco for Enslaved and rumors of a delay for Alpha Protocol make up for this week's recap.
William Usher 2009-10-03
Brutal Legend: Multiplayer Tutorial Video image
Despite all the press it's not often that we hear much about the game's multiplayer. Well, a new multiplayer tutorial trailer was released to properly explain how it's played and what gamers can do.
William Usher 2009-10-02
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