Watch Mario Kart On Ice During Intermission At An NHL Game  image
There's never a bad time to play Mario Kart. That seems to be the gist of this next piece, as NHL fans were treated to a friendly rivalry of the mode 7 kart racing title during intermission in a match between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins.
William Usher 2016-05-20
Vans Just Made Mario, Zelda And More Classic Games Shoes, Check Them Out image
Sneakerheads who also happen to be into retro gaming have something to look forward to this summer as Vans announces a partnership with Nintendo to launch a line of kicks sporting all kinds of designs from NES classics.
Ryan Winslett 2016-05-05
Here's What Players On Twitter Think Of All Those Nintendo Announcements image
Last night, Nintendo dropped a total bombshell on the gaming community when they made a number of announcements pertaining to the new Nintendo NX, The Legend Of Zelda game and E3. But the internet has had quite a lot to say when it comes to Nintendo’s announcements, and not all are overly positive.
Kayla Herrera 2016-04-28
Here's How You Can Play Classic Nintendo Games With A PS4 Controller  image
If you still have your old NES and you want to play it but your controllers are all dead and useless, or you have a setup where the wired controllers just aren't long enough, there's a new wireless Bluetooth solution that allows you to play with today's generation of peripherals, including a PS4 controller.
William Usher 2016-04-25
Logitech Created An Amazing LED Keyboard Lights Display At PAX East image
What's the point of manufacturing a bunch of light-up keyboards if you aren't going to put on a wicked light display? That seems to have been Logitech's thinking, as the manufacturer has brought a wall of lights to PAX East this year, bolting together dozens of keyboards in order to put on a fun animated presentation.
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-23
Watch A Gamer Speedrun Through Super Mario And Break The World Record image
There's a near seven minute video showcasing how a certain gamer managed to blast through Super Mario Bros and conquer the game in record time. The video offers a look how to achieve the record and the kind of skills necessary to make it happen.
William Usher 2016-04-18
This Is How You Can Get A Secret Super Mario Bros. 3 Animation image
No matter how well you think you know the Super Mario Bros. series, there’s still a secret or two waiting to be discovered. Take, for instance, a really rare animation in Super Mario Bros. 3 that boasts an adorable scene of Mario sliding on his back.
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-12
Punch-Out Player Discovers A Really Easy Way To Knock Out  Piston Honda, Check It Out image
The old NES version of Punch-Out has a small Easter Egg for opponents Bald Bull and Piston Honda. If you time your punch just right, you can knock them out in one hit. How? Well, the punch has to be cued to the nod of a certain bearded fellow in the crowd.
William Usher 2016-04-10
Are You Rich Enough To Own This 24-Karat Gold NES? image
Analogue is a company that makes specialized Nintendo-themed consoles that can play NES cartridges from the U.S., Europe and Japan. The company's latest rendition of the region-free console, called the Analogue Nt, is a 24-karat gold NES that carries a price tag of $5,000.
William Usher 2016-04-05
Watch This New NES Emulator Show Classic Games In 3D image
Emulators are usually just used to play older games from discontinued systems... like old Atari titles, old Sega Genesis games or old NES titles. Well, one developer has decided to make a 3DNES Emulator that transforms the 2D ROMs into 3D games by adding 3D depth perception to the titles. It's crazy and as cool as it sounds.
William Usher 2016-03-10
A Boy And His Blob Release Date Announced For PS4 And Xbox One image
The puzzle platformer, A Boy And His Blob, has been around for almost 27 years and now it’s getting a release date for the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation Vita and PC. Publisher, Majesco Entertainment, announced that the classic would be released on January 19.
Kayla Herrera 2016-01-06
Super Mario Bros. Theme Song Has Lyrics, Believe It Or Not image
The Super Mario Bros. theme is one of the most recognizable pieces of music in video game history. What most people don't know, though, is that the theme has actual lyrics, too.
Pete Haas 2015-12-05
Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Sets New World Record image
It looks like the speedrun record for the original Super Mario Bros. has been broken yet again, with Youtuber Darbian finding the princess and overthrowing King Koopa in less than five minutes.
Ryan Winslett 2015-10-20
Super Mario Bros. 3 Designer Confirms Decades-Old Fan Rumor  image
There have been a lot of rumors about Nintendo characters over the years, ranging from the mundane to the purely outrageous. We've seen a lot of theories about Super Mario Bros. over the years as well, and some of those theories have actually been confirmed by Miyamoto himself.
William Usher 2015-09-11
Watch Teens Fail Hard At Contra image
It's painful watching teens play Konami's original Contra on the NES. It was hard game and I never really liked the Contra games because I thought they were cheap, but when you see the teens play Contra and not even make it past the first level, all you can do is facepalm.
William Usher 2015-06-09
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