Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 Is Absolutely Stunning image
Ever wonder what The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would look like running on a modern console? Well, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, we now know the answer. Spoiler alert: The answer is “fantastic.”
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-20
Skylar And Plux: Adventure On Clover Island Will Be Coming To PS4  image
The Unreal Engine 4-powered platformer from Swedish design studio Right Nice and publisher Grip Digital has been announced as a PS4 title due for release late in 2016. The name of the game is called Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island and it's very similar to the likes of Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank.
William Usher 2016-03-16
Watch What Minecraft Looks Like In Unreal Engine 4 image
You ever wonder what Minecraft would look like running on Unreal Engine 4? Of course you have! But now you can stop wondering, as YouTube user John Alcatraz has posted a video showing off everybody’s favorite build-it-yourself adventure running on a beefier engine.
Ryan Winslett 2016-03-08
Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Cancelled  image
Indie designer Airam Hernandez had been working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid from the original PlayStation. He announced it a while back and has been releasing some screenshots and teaser videos since. However, recently the project had to be brought to a close and cancelled for good.
William Usher 2016-03-06
Bethesda Might Be Remaking Fallout 3 For PS4 And Xbox One image
Have you already grown weary of exploring the wastelands of Boston in Fallout 4? Long for the days when you were exploring the wastelands of D.C. in Fallout 3? Well, it looks like that might become an option on modern consoles as rumors point to Bethesda working on an HD remake for the popular RPG.
Ryan Winslett 2016-02-18
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Getting An Unreal Engine Remake image
There's a remake of BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in the making by Poem Studios called Apeiron. The game is running on the Unreal Engine 4 and the team have been remaking all the textures, models, assets and lighting in Epic's latest game engine.
William Usher 2016-02-17
See The First Stage Of Spyro The Dragon Remade In Unreal Engine 4  image
Do you remember the very first Spyro The Dragon game on PlayStation? The graphics were blocky and unrealistic, but it was a darn-good platformer with a good deal of difficulty. But now, someone has taken the old Spyro that we know and love and transformed him in Unreal Engine 4—and it looks pretty amazing.
Kayla Herrera 2016-02-02
An Indie Developer Is Bringing Back The First Metal Gear Game With Unreal Engine 4 image
It should come as no surprise that the next Metal Gear game won’t have Hideo Kojima at the helm; or anyone you’re familiar with, for that matter. That’s because the next Metal Gear game is an unofficial remake of the original Metal Gear Solid, being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4 by Airam Hernandez.
Ryan Winslett 2016-01-18
Five Nights At Freddy's Looks So Much Better In Unreal Engine 4 image
In case Five Nights at Freddy’s wasn’t already terrifying enough for you, a clever programmer decided to recreate some of the game’s imagery in Unreal Engine 4, making things look a whole lot more real. Because, you know, who needs to fall asleep tonight?
Ryan Winslett 2015-08-05
Ark: Survival Evolved Now Supports Mods image
Studio Wildcard has announced that modding support has now become available in Ark: Survival Evolved, the game that has sold more than a million copies in under a month and made more than $10 million in revenue while still being in Early Access.
William Usher 2015-07-08
This Unreal Engine 4 Version Of Mario Looks Fantastic image
A new video featuring an Unreal Engine 4 rendition of Mario running around and bouncing off walls has taken the internet by storm and has gone viral. You can see the video in action below, where a visually updated Mario with all the moves from Super Mario 64 runs around in demo stages and tutorial levels from the Unreal Engine 4.
William Usher 2015-06-28
Watch Classic PSOne Game MediEvil Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 image
This is a really odd thing, but the game MediEvil for the PlayStation One has been recreated as a prototype demo in the Unreal Engine 4. It's more of a tech demonstration to advertise the Unreal Engine, but it definitely shows some potential promise for Sony to return to the franchise for the PS4.
William Usher 2015-05-12
Dead Island 2 Gets Major Delay image
Dead Island 2 will not be launching in 2015. Publisher Deep Silver announced today that they're pushing the zombie co-op game back several months.
Pete Haas 2015-04-30
Tekken 7 Character Gigas Announced With Trailer  image
Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Tekken 7. This time the trailer spotlights one of the new characters on the roster named Gigas. The character is a giant, muscle-bound grappler with a lot of pound-the-ground moves... literally.
William Usher 2015-04-26
Call Of Duty Veterans Announce World War 2 Shooter image
The Call of Duty series moved on from World War 2 many years ago. However, some former developers of Call of Duty are heading back to WW2 with their new multiplayer shooter.
Pete Haas 2015-04-13
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