How To Get To The Diablo 3 Cow Level

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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Diablo 3 is now available worldwide and two questions are on everyone's mind: 1) When are the servers going to stop sucking?, and 2) Is there a cow level? The first question's answer eludes us but gamers have confirmed that yes, there is a cow level.

Diablo 2's secret cow level was filled with heavily armed bovines. For D3, Blizzard decided to do something a bit different. They created a bright, cartoonish world called Whimsyshire that's filled with unicorns and "happy clouds."

In order to get to Whimsyshire, you need to craft a Staff of Herding. According to D3DB, the plans for the staff drop randomly from Izual in Act 4. Creating the staff requires five rare items:
  • Black Mushroom - spawns in the first floor of the Cathedral in Act 1.
  • Leoric's Shinbone - located in the fireplace in Leoric's manor in Act 1.
  • Liquid Rainbow - found in the Mysterious Chest in the Mysterious Cave within Act 2's Dahlgur Oasis.
  • Wirt's Bell - sold for 100,000 gold by Squirt the Peddler in Caldeum.
  • Gibbering Gemstone - drops randomly from mobs in Act 3 in the caves in the battlefield in front of the bridge.
After you've made your staff, head to the Old Tristram road. You should find a dead cow who can show you the way. Be prepared to smile a lot.

If you'd rather not go on the Easter egg hunt, you can just watch some footage of Whimsyshire below.

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