Why The NX Won't Be Launching This Holiday Season, According To Nintendo image
Last week, it was announced that Nintendo does not plan to launch its next home console, the NX, until March of 2017. According to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, however, The Big N has very good reasons for choosing its launch window.
Ryan Winslett 2016-05-03
Here's When New Splatoon Amiibo Will Be Available image
One of Nintendo's prized possession this generation has been the surprise hit toy collection known as Amiibo. They have been selling like crazy along with their new IP, Splatoon. So Nintendo has decided to unleash more Amiibo for the very popular new multiplayer shooter game.
William Usher 2016-05-01
Here's What Players On Twitter Think Of All Those Nintendo Announcements image
Last night, Nintendo dropped a total bombshell on the gaming community when they made a number of announcements pertaining to the new Nintendo NX, The Legend Of Zelda game and E3. But the internet has had quite a lot to say when it comes to Nintendo’s announcements, and not all are overly positive.
Kayla Herrera 2016-04-28
Nintendo Is Finally Bringing Its Games To Mobile, Get The Details image
Nintendo is making further steps to get in on the mobile market. The company recently announced that two of its popular franchises will make the leap from the dedicated gaming platforms to Android and iOS smart devices. The two titles happen to be Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.
William Usher 2016-04-27
Why The Legend Of Zelda Won't Be Coming Out This Year image
The new Legend Of Zelda game was originally set for a vague 2016 release date, but after Nintendo’s report last night, things are looking a little different for Link and his friends. To coincide with the imminent release of the new Nintendo NX console, The Legend Of Zelda won’t be releasing until March 2017.
Kayla Herrera 2016-04-27
The Nintendo NX Now Has An Official Release Window  image
Nintendo finally unveiled more information about the Nintendo NX. The highly anticipated gaming device will finally arrive on the market starting next March in 2017. The only game we know is coming for the device will be the cross-gen release of The Legend of Zelda.
William Usher 2016-04-27
Why Nintendo Will Only Have One Game At E3 image
While Nintendo has confirmed that they will make an appearance at E3 2016, they’ve also announced that said appearance will have a laser focus, as the only game they’re bringing to the show will be the new Legend of Zelda.
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-27
Watch The Pokemon GO Beta In Action In New Gameplay Video image
A new video has surfaced featuring beta gameplay from the upcoming mobile release of Pokemon GO, Nintendo's latest foray into augmented reality with the Pokemon brand. The video showcases a ton of new details, including customization, travel and more.
William Usher 2016-04-26
Here's How You Can Play Classic Nintendo Games With A PS4 Controller  image
If you still have your old NES and you want to play it but your controllers are all dead and useless, or you have a setup where the wired controllers just aren't long enough, there's a new wireless Bluetooth solution that allows you to play with today's generation of peripherals, including a PS4 controller.
William Usher 2016-04-25
When You Can Play Metroid Prime: Federation Force On The 3DS image
Nintendo has officially announced the release date for the highly controversial Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The game is set to arrive on the Nintendo 3DS starting August 19th, and nearly a month later in Europe on September 2nd.
William Usher 2016-04-20
Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 Is Absolutely Stunning image
Ever wonder what The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would look like running on a modern console? Well, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, we now know the answer. Spoiler alert: The answer is “fantastic.”
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-20
A Star Fox Zero Animated Short Will Be Releasing This Week, Get The Details image
Nintendo has teamed up with animation studio Production I.G., and WIT Studio for an animated short based on the upcoming release of Star Fox Zero, which is due to drop later this week, exclusively for the Wii U.
William Usher 2016-04-18
New Star Fox Guard Footage Revealed image
Some new gameplay footage for Star Fox Guard has surfaced ahead of the launch for the Wii U exclusive, Star Fox Zero. The video is only three minutes long but it covers a match on both the main screen and Wii U GamePad, to give gamers a look at how the strategy title is played.
William Usher 2016-04-18
Watch A Gamer Speedrun Through Super Mario And Break The World Record image
There's a near seven minute video showcasing how a certain gamer managed to blast through Super Mario Bros and conquer the game in record time. The video offers a look how to achieve the record and the kind of skills necessary to make it happen.
William Usher 2016-04-18
New Kirby Amiibo Bundle Revealed, Get The Details image
Nintendo's new 3DS Kirby game, Kirby: Planet Robobot, will come with an Amiibo bundle. The game and Amiibo will release this upcoming June for the handheld. Nintendo announced the news via Twitter and included an image of the new bundle pack.
William Usher 2016-04-15
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